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Cheap Camera, Location and Production Tricks

Chapter: Image Acquisition

Topic: Equipment Tips

Welcome to the greatest hits of Mark’s Cheap Tricks. These are tips that I, and other Vidpro members have shared over the past years. They are the inventive products of necessity, desperation, and stingy budgets. They come not from camera stores, but home and hardware centers, adapted for our uses. If you are reading this, you, as I, derive a perverse pleasure from doing more with less, from making something out of nothing. For you, we have collected some winning ideas, mostly proven, though none are guaranteed. As the lawyers say, “here there be dragons” – we accept no responsibility for whatever you do with this information. We will add to this document over time, so please, email your own great ideas and suggestions to vidpro at vidpro.orgj, and we’ll include them here for all the stressed-out, low-budget, imaginative people to enjoy.

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