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Adobe After Effects: Animating the Universal Cow (Making 2D planes in 3D space look like 3D)

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: 3D Space for Compositing

After Effects 5 has some powerful 3D compositing features and some new tools that make complicated animations a snap. In this tutorial we will use parenting, expressions and Boris 3D text to recreate the Universal movie opening (sort’ a). A new way of thinking about layers in AE is required. It’s easy to grasp once you stand back from the project a little. Boris 3D Text and Boris Sphere are required (available in Demo version) and a custom TrueType font is used. The font is only provided in the Windows download – for Mac you will need to substitute


Apple Logic: How to correct the timing of multitrack drum recordings

Chapter: Music

Topic: Tips and Techniques

This month we show you, step by step, how to correct the timing of multitrack drum recordings using the powerful editing capabilities of Logic, as well as showing you how to make the most of your audio storage space