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Avid 24p – The Basics

Chapter: 24P Film or Video

Topic: Editing 24P Source

24p benefits projects where image material originates in a progressive form at 24 fps, or possibly 25fps (i.e., film or 24p video). Any system with the Universal option is a frame based nonlinear system for television, where the final product mastered directly out of the Avid is intended for NTSC or PAL. The Universal option also allows creation of multiformat EDLs for HDTV online mastering, and the creation of true 24fps film Cut Lists and Change Lists for 16mm, 35mm 2-perf, 35mm 4-perf, 35mm 3-perf, 35mm 8-perf, 65mm 5-perf, 65mm 8-perf, 65mm 10-perf, 65mm 12-perf, and 65mm 15-perf.

TAGS: Telecine, Digitizing, display, progressive, interlace, Aspect ratio

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