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The BuZZ Podcast for August 31st

This week’s episode of Creative Planet’s Digital Production BuZZ – the world’s only talk radio for Digital Production, Post Production and Distribution – is full of great information and entertainment, as usual.

We’ll start off with Chuck Peters, VP of Media and Publications for Digital Juice who’ll be explaining to us how to use stock and make it look like it was original footage and talking about how the world of stock is changing as more high-quality “stock” becomes available to the masses

Our Regional BuZZ steps aside this week for a new feature “Product Update” with Frank Jonen where Frank takes an in depth look at a less-than-common tool and explains it in six minutes or less. This week, cineSync remote viewing and then on to our “Pick our Brains” segment where we solve listener’s technical and creative questions.

After the break, we’ll be on the phone with Kevin Cloninger, President of SophiArte, a production company aiming to change the concept of “Art Film” and make films that promote well being.

And finally, in our "BuZZ in Depth" segment we’ll be talking about 10 years of Flash.

Creative Planet’s Digital Production BuZZ is live 6-7 pm Pacific Time. Join the Show Live, listen to, or download an episode from the archives or subscribe to the podcast through iTunes or off the website.

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