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The BuZZ Podcast for September 14

This week’s episode of Creative
Planet’s Digital Production BuZZ
– the world’s only talk radio for
Digital Production, Post Production and Distribution – is full of great
information and entertainment, as usual.

We’ll start
off by revisiting TJ Hock and Tom Reed now that they are
back from their shoot in Mongolia. We’ll
learn what happened while they
were there and how Newtek’s Speededit performed in the field.

We’ll be back with Stacey
and our  monthly feature –  Insiders
Guide to Distribution – before handling listener’s questions with our
regular “Pick our Brains” segment.

After the break, we’ll be on the phone with software developer,
filmmaker and first time narrative director Frederic Lumiere. While
Frederic has directed documentaries before, Tomorrow is Today
is his
feature length narrative debut. Frederic is also known for his Lumiere
HD software for working with HDV in all I-frame formats, and for his
involvement with the RED Digital Cinema project.

And finally, in  our “BuZZ in Depth” segment we’ll talk in detail
about the news from IBC, now that IBC is over.

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