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Wondertouch particle illusion: Using Blockers in Particle Illusion 3.0

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Particles

A friend asked me recently to help with a shot he wanted to present to investors for a movie he wanted to direct. “I need to have an over the shoulder shot of a man looking up as a bomb goes off in a building”, he said. “No problem” I said, “lets do it in Particle Illusion”.
For those who haven’t used Particle Illusion it’s a great piece of software. Made by Wondertouch ( ) the app is all about making particles do amazing things. Its not only powerful but easy to use as well.
As we began the work I knew to make it look better we would need to use “blockers”. “Blockers” are Particle Illusion’s mask system. Once again powerful results with ease of use. “Blockers” can add a dash of realism that may be needed such as “blocking” an area that the particle may not be affecting. Download a demo and try this out for yourself. Enjoy.–-using-blockers-in-particle-illusion-30/



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