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Maxon Cinema 4D: C4D QuickTip #04: Three for Four. Four Quick Material Tips in C4D

Chapter: 3D Modelling and Animation

Topic: Textures and Image Maps

You know there are many different ways to use your materials, many different ways to create materials – well here are some easy ways to not only get your bitmap textures in, copy them to multiple channels, but also turn texture tags on and off without removing them! You might know a few ways to manage your materials in CINEMA4D, but there are so many different ways to manipulate bitmap textures when you’re inside of C4D, that a simple refresher might help. Also – what about those texture tags that you’ve spent so much time to place – only to decide that you want to “conceal” it for a quick render. Here’s how to pull off three simple tricks: IMPORTING PHOTOSHOP TO CINEMA4D, CREATING AN AUTO-ASSIGNED SET SELECTION WITH A MATERIAL and DISABLING A TEXTURE TAG

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