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Litepanels Offers Free Gel Kit with 1x1s

Until December 31, 2009, Litepanels offers a free set of conversion/diffusion gels with new 1×1 LED light fixture purchases. Litepanels are thin, lightweight, generate little or no heat, and use little power. The free 6-piece gel set, including a carrying bag, is a $195 value.

Purchasers of any Daylight (5600K) 1×1 Kit will receive gels including Full-, 1/2-, 1/4-, 1/8-CTO, Opal and Half White Diffusion. With every Tungsten (3200K) 1×1 Kit, purchasers will receive a Full-, 1/2-, 1/4-, 1/8-CTB, Opal and Half White Diffusion gels. For the 1×1 Bi-Color Kit, Litepanels is providing a 1/4- and 1/8-CTB, 1/4- and 1/8-CTO, Opal and Half White Diffusion gels.

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ProjectStor Editing, Storage. and Archival System

The ProMAX ProjectStor is a combination disk storage and archival system designed exclusively for video editors. This stand alone unit connects to your computer via a standard mini-SAS connector to our PCIe Raid Card, extends your disk storage capacity by 4TB or 8TB, and allows you to archive your projects to high capacity standard LTO tape cartridges.

We have tested our latest plug-ins in OS 10.6 and they work just fine.

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GenArts Announces Sapphire 5

GenArts releases Sapphire 5. The latest software upgrade is fully GPU-enabled to provide artists a completely interactive user experience at HD resolutions, while accelerating render speeds up to 700 percent. Such performance gains can considerably extend the life of the nodes in a render farm or even reduce the number of nodes required to process a project.

In addition, full floating point support offers photorealistic image quality with the highest possible dynamic range, so artists can faithfully recreate looks with no loss in color information.

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Luxology Releases Image Viewer for the iPhone

Luxology releases an application for the the iPhone and iTouch. Apple customers can now download the LuxGallery application, which allows them to quickly and easily view and search for computer-generated images found in the company’s extensive Customer Gallery.

Available as a free download in the iPhone App Store, the LuxGallery application was developed internally by Luxology and serves as a high-quality image viewer. The app provides the ability to search for images by keyword or to view images organized by categories such as Game Content, Jewelry Design and Print/Illustration. It also lets users designate “favorite” images or to quickly view recent additions to the Gallery. Information about the modo artist who created the image and a brief image description can also be seen.

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DroboElite and Drobo S to the Drobo Data Storage Family

DroboElite delivers advanced features such as dual-disk redundancy, multi-host connectivity with LUN affinity, up to 8 disks of instant expansion to 16TB, dual high-speed iSCSI interfaces, and support on up to 255 Smart Volumes.

Drobo S is built on BeyondRAID self-managing and self-healing technology with single or dual drive redundancy (that can be changed on the fly), multiple interfaces, up to 5 drives of instant capacity expansion to 10TB and works with Windows, Mac, or Linux.

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Newly Upgraded HD Stock Footage Website

The new website just added over 2000 new clips in their Americana Stock Footage Library. The site features over 8,000 HD clips total, all recorded by DP’s Jim & Kelly Watt. New clips are added weekly. Bennett-Watt HD Productions had an HD stock Footage site as of 2001, but this redesigned site is a dramatic improvement.

The new Americana Stock footage Library, features free downloadable comps and all HD clips are available for download after purchase. All clips are Royalty Free, with most priced between $200-$500.

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Media Composer Cutting Edge – Motion Tracking & Stabilization

Avid Media Composer: Media Composer Cutting Edge – Motion Tracking & Stabilization

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Motion Tracking and Stabilizing

With Avid Media Composer, you can tame shaky hand-held video footage, mask out or color-correct moving objects and elements, and create visual effects more easily using the built-in motion tracking, stabilization, Paint, and AniMatte tools. Learn how in this Cutting Edge video.


Smooth Vs Corner Keyframes in Final Cut

Apple Final Cut Pro: Smooth Vs Corner Keyframes in Final Cut

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Basic Skills

When keyframing in Final Cut Pro you have the ability to choose to have the animation be either constant or variable. By right clicking on a keyframe you can choose to select Smooth, which will change the animation from constant to variable. You will also now see what is called a velocity handle. These handles can be adjusted to increase the amount that animation eases in or out.