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BuZZ Show and Podcast April 22

This week’s episode of the world’s only interactive talk radio for Digital Production, Post Production and Distribution is filled with great information and entertainment designed for the independent filmmaker or industry professional.

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Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with:

Michael Cooper, Co-founder of Art7Connection, is looking to build a social media website that allows producers to talk shop, share ideas, and do stuff they can’t easily do somewhere else.

Mark Todd, CEO/Founder of vLoop, takes the opposite tack to Art7Connection. He is building a social media site that allows viewers to build groups around programs and share opinions and reactions with producers.

Philip Hodgetts, CEO of Intelligent Assistance, has created a series of special reports covering some of the latest product announcements at NAB.

Bruce Nazarian, The Digital Guy, has an inside look at new technology that allows Mac users to play Blu-ray Discs on their computers.

Michael Cowan, another of our NAB Special Correspondents, has a look back at the recent NAB Show, with some thoughts for all of us on how to make sense of it all.

Ben Kozuch, President and co-founder of Future Media Concepts, ran a training conference at NAB with more than 200 sessions. He looks back at his Post Production World, and offers his thoughts on where the future of training is headed.

Simon Clark, Managing Director, Cintel International, runs a company that makes high-quality digital film scanners. He discusses the whole process with us, along with some new film restoration software that they announced at NAB.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It’s another fascinating show – all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!


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