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GenArts Releases Sapphire for Smoke for Mac OS X

GenArts Sapphire 5TM on Autodesk Smoke for Mac OS X is now available. Based on Sapphire 5, Sapphire for Smoke for Mac OS X offers Macintosh editorial artists over 130 Sparks featuring the image quality, speed and compatibility so essential to conforming and finishing shots.

Why is GenArts Sapphire so essential to Smoke Artists?

Sapphire amps shot quality.
Sapphire is unrivaled when it comes to image quality. In fact, looks created with Sapphire are so organic that they dramatically enhance the quality of Smoke’s built-in effects.

Sapphire buys more time to finesse shots.
Sapphire is fast and instinctive. Not only can a user set shots faster with intuitive, real-time controls, but the GPU acceleration in Sapphire 5 provides the fastest render speeds in the industry. This gives users the extra time they need to perfect a shot.

Conform and finish scenes with confidence.
From Avid or Final Cut to Flame, After Effects or Nuke, Sapphire is deployed across the widest range of host platforms so users can conform and finish scenes with the confidence and consistency that only Sapphire-level compatibility can deliver.

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