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Media Distributors Announces Important Upgrade Pricing for Avid Products.

Due to shipping and manufacturing cost increases, the Avid products listed below will increase slightly in price after July 10, 2010. To receive the best pricing, users are encouraged to order prior to July 10, 2010.

  • Avid Xpress DV/Avid Xpress Pro or Avid Media Composer pre v4.0 to Avid Media Composer v5 – $495 through July 10th / $695 after July 10th (through September 30th).
  • Avid Media Composer v4.0 to Avid Media Composer v5 – $495 through July 10th / $695 thereafter (through September 30th).
  • NewsCutter (all versions) to Avid NewsCutter v9 – $495 (through September 30th).
  • Symphony (all versions) to Avid Symphony v5 – $995 (through September 30th).
  • Media Distributors is one of the fastest growing Avid Elite Resellers globally, and is ready to serve all of your production and workflow requirements.

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