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AJA Announces Update to Ki Pro

AJA Video, a manufacturer of high-quality and cost-effective digital video interfaces, conversion and desktop solutions supporting the professional broadcast and post-production markets, announced an update to Ki Pro.

The following features are implemented with version 2.0 firmware:

  • 8 channel embedded audio support—choose between 2 channels or 8 channels of audio via embedded SDI
  • Multi-unit Gang recording via the Web UI—use the web UI and ethernet connections to Ki Pro units on a common network to start and stop recordings
  • Custom Clip Naming—allows users to define their own naming convention using the front panel UI or the web UI
  • RS-422 support—allows interaction with some serial control devices and some non-linear editors

Note: AJA has specifically tested with JL Cooper and FutureVideo 9-pin serial controllers.
Other controllers may also be used, but may have not yet been tested by AJA. AJA has
specifically tested 9-pin serial control with Apple Final Cut Pro’s Log and Capture and Edit to
Tape for RS-422 compatibility. Other non-linear editors, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid
Media Composer, Autodesk Smoke and Sony Vegas, do not yet fully support ingest/output control via RS-422 when used with Ki Pro. Future firmware updates to Ki Pro will continue to add support for additional non-linear editors when controlling Ki Pro via RS-422.

Be sure to consult the Ki Pro Manual for detailed information about 2.0 features and
configuration guidelines.

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