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D P Buzz – Digital Video Expo – Day 2

4+ Hours of Special Coverage from DV Expo

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As the Official Podcast of Digital Video Expo 2010, we are in Pasadena, California, this week covering the latest news from our industry. We are live from the show floor with a wide variety of interviews. You can here them all at However, for this week’s regular Buzz, we are putting together the highlights from all our interviews this week. We don’t have the entire show booked because we want to leave room for several surprise guests. Plus, we are changing our regular format in order to squeeze in more guests and hot news.

Jan Crittenden-Livingston, Product Line Business Manager, Panasonic

Last week, Jan Crittenden-Livingston, Product Line Business Manager for Panasonic, spoke with us by phone about their new 3D camera. This week, she joins us in our DV Expo broadcast booth to showcase their new DSLR-killer camera the AG-AF100. Priced about the same as a DSLR, with interchangeable lenses and a 4/3 inch sensor, but designed specifically for video, is this new camera a game-changer? We want to talk with Jan to find out.

Ned Soltz, Contributing Editor, DV Magazine

We spotted Ned Soltz, contributing editor for DV Magazine, wandering the halls the day before the trade show floor opened. We cornered him to ask his thoughts on the significance of Panasonic’s new camera, as well as other new trends we need to keep our eyes on.

Bruce Master, Senior Product Manager, Tape Storage Products, IBM

A while back, HP, IBM, and Quantum, formed a new company called Ultrium LTO. This new company developed the specs for LTO tape drives. Recently, the consortium released the specs for LTO-5 – targeted directly at media producers. In this interview, Bruce Master, Senior Product Manager for Tape Storage Products for IBM, describes this new technology – which is now available in shipping products. Tape drives as easy to access as a hard disk or DVD, with tremendous storage capacity, and seriously fast data transfer speeds. Amazing, but true!

Surprise Guests at DV Expo – Hot News About Cool Products!
We have lots more interviews planned — live from DV Expo. In-depth conversations, breaking news, and cool new products you need to know about. We’d tell you what they were, but we’re still roaming the trade show floor looking for all the cool stuff. Tune in to this week’s show and find out for yourself!

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