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CalDigit Announces Upgrade to FASTA-2e eSATA Card


CalDigit announced an upgrade to the popular FASTA-2e eSATA card, which now supports 6G SATA. The FASTA-2e provides 2 eSATA ports with the latest SATA 6G technology, allowing for speeds of up to 6Gbps. The new FASTA-2e is completely backwards compatible with legacy SATA devices. It also supports port multiplied enclosures and other devices like external optical drives or storage solutions.

The FASTA-2e will work with any PCIe specification, even on older PCIe based machines like the Apple G5. Regardless of the PCIe generation (1 or 2), 1 lane or 16, the FASTA-2e is ready to go to work. The FASTA-2e does not require extra drivers or software to work on most modern machines. This simple plug and play technology allows for quick setup allowing access to eSATA devices, faster than ever before.

The FASTA-2e utilizes the Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI), which is standard in most of todayʼs operating systems.

For applications in severs or other specialized computers where space is limited, the FASTA-2e features a removable bracket design to fit into these low profiles machines. The small size accommodates most Mac and PC workstations. It also has a limited environmental footprint, using less power than most

eSATA cards. The FASTA-2e has been designed to run faster and cooler than other cards on the market.

The FASTA-2e supports many popular technologies including, S.M.A.R.T., port multiplication, booting and support for green and high performance SATA drives. It is also fully compatible with SATA I, SATA II and SATA III drives.

The FASTA-2e comes with CalDigitʼs 1-year warranty, accompanied by CalDigitʼs legendary technical support and CalDigitʼs satisfaction guarantee. Because CalDigit designs and builds every product they sell, users can be assured they are receiving a high quality product that has been fully tested before it ships.

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