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HDCVT Technology Releases the Playvision PN100

HDCVT Technology Co.,Ltd., a professional manufacturer from China in AV/S-Video/VGA/YPbPr/HDMI converters and Audio Decoders, announced the release of the PN100 PAL/NTSC Converter.

The Playvision PN100 Format Converter uses digital signal processing technology, and can effectively overcome the output converted standard signal. The receiving device does not require any change and can achieve more format signals to watch, because digital processing technology, on the signal after processing is not only not damages, but there is a certain upgrade of compensation. The role of signal noise reduction and image transfer effect has improved greatly over the analog system.

PN100 is the Fourth generation of digital conversion products. Compared with previous generations, the most important feature is the use of the 3D motion compensation, dynamic noise reduction, smoothing algorithm and other advanced technology features, including power consumption, attractive appearance and small size.

The main application targets:

  • 25-inch and above large-screen NTSC TV
  • NTSC flat screen TV and big screen progressive scan TV
  • PDP Plasma TV
  • LCD TV, rear projection TV / Projector
  • professional video monitor
  • 16:9 TV

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