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Royalty Free Music Library Releases New CD in All Purpose Beds Line

Royalty Free Music Library, provider of high quality, hassle-free production music at affordable prices, announced the release of the newest CD in their All Purpose Beds line.

Not sure what All Purpose Beds are? To start with, they are the most popular category of music at They are tracks that are fully produced, but composed to behave like underscores, so they don’t fight for attention in a production. They simply support it. Give them a listen today.

Fluid Grooves: Fluid Grooves is a collection of ten ultra-cool production beds created to specifically be ultra-diverse. Users will get lots of mileage out of this one. Download a copy today!. Listen here.

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Digital Production BuZZ Debuts Dynamic New Website

Agoura Hills, California – The Digital Production BuZZ website has been a popular destination for years for those interested in the best, most current, state-of-the-art information about digital production, post-production, and distribution.

Now, the site is even better.

“We have worked hard to provide features most requested by listeners,” said Larry Jordan, Executive Producer and Host of the Digital Production Buzz. “Our redesigned website now offers the ability to rate and comment on shows, faster audio playback, support for Apple mobile devices, playback of video-enhanced podcasts, faster searches, archives that now extend back to 2005, and much more. This redesign has been a long labor of love for our web team and we are very pleased!”

Digital Production BuZZ has created a website that is at once a snap to navigate and a pleasure to look at. Call it The BuZZ 2.0.

New user-friendly features include:

  • Improved navigation with clean, contemporary design
  • Visitors can contribute feedback or even news via comments
  • Links to social media sites
  • Visitors can subscribe to a specific show and follow comments about that show.
  • iPod, iPad and Smart Phone compatible player
  • Player compatible with all AAC and Mp3 devices
  • Most popular news articles are posted
  • Opportunity to rate articles and shows
  • BuZZDex – a comprehensive index of all show elements
  • Countdown timer to the next live show!

About the Digital Production BuZZ
Digital Production BuZZ is one of the longest-running tech podcasts on the air bringing listeners all the news they need now and in their digital future. It remains a leader in programming related to digital video production, post-production and distribution, keeping its listeners in touch with the trends and technologies, people and practices essential to keep them up-to-date and entertained.

New episodes of the Digital Production BuZZ air live every Thursday from 6:00 to 7:00 pm PDT. Participate in the discussion via the Live Chat during the show, or download the program later via iTunes, Zune, or at the show’s website.

Executive producer and host of the Digital Production BuZZ is Larry Jordan (internationally-renowned digital media expert, Apple-certified trainer, author, and member of the Directors Guild of America and Producers Guild of America). Michael Horton co-hosts (film editor and founder of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group and organizer of the world-renowned SuperMeets) and Cirina Catania produces (writer/director, new media, the internet and reality programming for clients such as National Geographic, Discovery and MSN and member of the Producers Guild of America and the Writers Guild of America.)

About Larry Jordan & Associates, Inc.
Larry Jordan & Associates, Inc. provides high-quality, engaging training and information covering video production and post-production for practicing professionals and students through a variety of media worldwide. The company was founded by Larry Jordan, an internationally-renowned digital media analyst, consultant, Apple-Certified trainer, and Final Cut Studio expert with over 30 years experience as a television producer, director and editor with national broadcast and corporate credits. He’s a member of both the Directors Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America. Jordan is executive producer and host of three talk radio shows including the weekly industry-leading digital media podcast Creative Planet’s Digital Production BuZZ; and Video Production Radio, a monthly audio podcast on WS Radio.

Sorenson Media Unveils

Sorenson Media announced, the first feature-rich URL shortening service designed specifically for professional online video.

The web-based URL abbreviating service works seamlessly with Sorenson Squeeze Server, the company’s scalable, cloud-based, enterprise-grade encoding solution to be formally released in November. demos were part of Sorenson Media’s presentations at last week’s Streaming Media Europe conference in London where Sorenson Media won the European Readers’ Choice Award for Best Video Transcoding Solution, following three straight years of winning the award in the United States. takes a URL link that could typically run two lines and slashes it down to fewer than 14 characters (including the prefix). As part of the Squeeze Server platform, integrates seamlessly with a user’s workflow through intuitive APIs. As customers encode videos, they can choose to have an automatically generated shortened URL and can customize it by including intuitive keywords of their choosing.

Customizable URLs are also useful within a professional video workflow to track videos created. Because Squeeze Server is designed to encode high volumes of videos, having an organized, short link strategy benefits any company. enables users to easily track video analytics, including number of click-throughs to a given video or library of videos over any period of time. aggregates and displays this data, including geographic location of click-throughs, in an easy-to-use Web interface, allowing users to track where and when a video is being viewed regardless of where it is hosted.

Shortened links also aid search engine discovery and make URLs easily understandable when they are shared, rather than relying on a randomly generated set of letters and numbers. For instance, a company called XYZ Company could create video links such as to simplify management of the corresponding video internally as it is shared with internal or external audiences.

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Panasonic Announces New AG-HMC80 Camcorder

The new Panasonic camcorder features a high-resolution 3-megapixel, the versatile HMC80 shoots 1080 and 720 HD at 60i, 30p, 24pN as well as 480 SD at 60i, 30p, 24p. Using just one 32GB SDHC memory card, a user can record three hours of full resolution 1920×1080 video and audio in PH mode. It uses MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 high profile encoding – which provides a doubling of bandwidth efficiency and improved video performance over the older MPEG-2 compression based formats (e.g. HDV) – so recordings look clean and crisp, even during fast motion, without image degradation or dropouts.

The stable-shooting camcorder offers extensive manual controls and reliable solid-state recording functions including pre-record, interval recording, shot marker and metadata capture. It offer a long list of invaluable standard features including 12X optical zoom with Optical Image Stablization, waveform monitor display, focus assists such as focus bar display and enlarged display, auto focus with face detection, and zebra functions. Versatile interfaces include XLR audio in, HDMI output, USB 2.0, Component Analog output, and 6-pin IEEE 1394 for DV only output.

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Mixamo and DAZ 3D Partner to Enhance the 3D Modeling and Animation Pipeline

Mixamo Inc. and DAZ 3D announced an alliance that brings Mixamo’s high-quality animations and real-time customization capabilities to the DAZ 3D character model portfolio. Users of DAZ 3D’s latest generation human figures now have access to the entire Mixamo motion collection at Every Mixamo motion is guaranteed to work with any character created from the DAZ 3D human figures within DAZ Studio. The DAZ 3D/Mixamo modeling and animation pipeline improves productivity by up to 80 percent and reduces costs by up to 75 percent.

DAZ 3D community members can visit and see any motion applied to the DAZ 3D standard characters, Victoria and Michael (with the Kids forthcoming), in the Mixamo 3D viewer. They can also customize these motions, download and merge them back into their scenes in minutes. Users can also discover and purchase Mixamo motions applied to the DAZ 3D characters by visiting the DAZ 3D storefront at, or with special distribution licensing in the DAZ 3D developer storefront at Workflows and tutorial videos are available that outline the entire end-to-end pipeline between Mixamo and DAZ 3D.

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CalDigit Announces Upgrade to FASTA-2e eSATA Card


CalDigit announced an upgrade to the popular FASTA-2e eSATA card, which now supports 6G SATA. The FASTA-2e provides 2 eSATA ports with the latest SATA 6G technology, allowing for speeds of up to 6Gbps. The new FASTA-2e is completely backwards compatible with legacy SATA devices. It also supports port multiplied enclosures and other devices like external optical drives or storage solutions.

The FASTA-2e will work with any PCIe specification, even on older PCIe based machines like the Apple G5. Regardless of the PCIe generation (1 or 2), 1 lane or 16, the FASTA-2e is ready to go to work. The FASTA-2e does not require extra drivers or software to work on most modern machines. This simple plug and play technology allows for quick setup allowing access to eSATA devices, faster than ever before.

The FASTA-2e utilizes the Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI), which is standard in most of todayʼs operating systems.

For applications in severs or other specialized computers where space is limited, the FASTA-2e features a removable bracket design to fit into these low profiles machines. The small size accommodates most Mac and PC workstations. It also has a limited environmental footprint, using less power than most

eSATA cards. The FASTA-2e has been designed to run faster and cooler than other cards on the market.

The FASTA-2e supports many popular technologies including, S.M.A.R.T., port multiplication, booting and support for green and high performance SATA drives. It is also fully compatible with SATA I, SATA II and SATA III drives.

The FASTA-2e comes with CalDigitʼs 1-year warranty, accompanied by CalDigitʼs legendary technical support and CalDigitʼs satisfaction guarantee. Because CalDigit designs and builds every product they sell, users can be assured they are receiving a high quality product that has been fully tested before it ships.

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HDCVT Technology Releases the Playvision PN100

HDCVT Technology Co.,Ltd., a professional manufacturer from China in AV/S-Video/VGA/YPbPr/HDMI converters and Audio Decoders, announced the release of the PN100 PAL/NTSC Converter.

The Playvision PN100 Format Converter uses digital signal processing technology, and can effectively overcome the output converted standard signal. The receiving device does not require any change and can achieve more format signals to watch, because digital processing technology, on the signal after processing is not only not damages, but there is a certain upgrade of compensation. The role of signal noise reduction and image transfer effect has improved greatly over the analog system.

PN100 is the Fourth generation of digital conversion products. Compared with previous generations, the most important feature is the use of the 3D motion compensation, dynamic noise reduction, smoothing algorithm and other advanced technology features, including power consumption, attractive appearance and small size.

The main application targets:

  • 25-inch and above large-screen NTSC TV
  • NTSC flat screen TV and big screen progressive scan TV
  • PDP Plasma TV
  • LCD TV, rear projection TV / Projector
  • professional video monitor
  • 16:9 TV

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Larry Jordan Teaches Full-Day PowerUP Workshop in Santa Barbara, CA

Final Cut Pro guru, Larry Jordan, is bringing his live seminars to Santa Barbara for a full-day of training on Monday, Nov. 8.

Samy’s Camera
614 Chapala Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

9:00 AM till 5:00 PM

Today, editors need to know more than just how to edit video. They need to know how to create motion effects and make their projects sound great. Sound and Motion are the focus for today’s seminar.

Eight hours of training, stories, and solid information any user can put to work immediately. Space is limited to 24 people, please register early.

Registration is $149 for the entire day. (Lunch is NOT included.)

THE AGENDA (subject to change if something new is released)

9:00 AM Welcome

9:15 AM Make Your Audio Sound Great with Soundtrack Pro

Learn how audio works

Discover an audio workflow that works

Sending files between Final Cut and Soundtrack Pro

Learning the Soundtrack Pro interface

Recording audio in Soundtrack Pro

Editing multi-track audio

Repairing audio problems

Mixing Final Cut Projects using Soundtrack Pro

12:30 PM LUNCH

1:30 PM Motion Graphics for People Afraid of Motion Graphics

Learning the Motion interface

Sending files from Final Cut to Motion

Setting up Motion preferences

Creating simple animated lower-thirds

Playing with Particles

Creating an animated full-screen title

Getting advanced: masking, power painting, and other cool stuff

4:00 PM Answering your questions – any question, any subject.

5:00 PM Go home. Make money.

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Digital Anarchy Updates Beauty Box Video

Digital Anarchy today announced a free update to their award winning, best-of-breed skin retouching plugin, Beauty Box Video. Version 1.2 gives Beauty Box Video an amazing speed increase by taking advantage of the latest hardware and operating systems. The update uses nVidia’s CUDA and other GPU optimizations to achieve rendering results that are 3–6x’s faster than version 1.0. The update also features UI changes and bug fixes that provide a smoother, faster workflow in After Effects, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. Beauty Box Video’s results are amazing and now fast as well.

Beauty Box Video gives an actor or model an incredible makeover in post-production by incorporating state-of-the-art face detection and smoothing algorithms. Beauty Box automatically identifies the skin tones and removes imperfections and blemishes. A critical aspect of Beauty Box is it’s ability to keep important details, like eye lashes, lips, etc., razor sharp and keep the natural texture of the skin (pores).

For the version 1.2 update, users with an nVidia card that supports CUDA will see the most drastic speed increases, particularly when used with a 64-bit operating system and multiple processors. nVidia’s CUDA gives Beauty Box an amazing speed boost and provides an impressive increase even with ‘gaming’ cards that support CUDA, like the GeForce 480GTX. Higher end video cards, like the Quadro FX4800, when used in conjunction with After Effects’ multi-processing can render HD footage up to 6 fps.

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Zacuto USA Announces the Introduction of the Z-Finder EVF

With the increasing popularity of DSLR cameras in the television, independent film and video industries, Zacuto USA, a high-end camera accessories manufacturer, introduces the Z-Finder EVF electronic viewfinder. On September 30th, Zacuto’s Z-Finder EVF won the coveted “2010 DV Black Diamond Award.”

Zacuto USA is leading the way with the Z-Finder EVF: a 3.2 inch, high resolution monitor that will work in conjunction with existing Z-Finders optical loops.

Zacuto is the only camera accessories manufacturer to offer an EVF with a two-piece design. This design creates three functional uses:

  1. Z-Finder attaches directly to a camera’s LCD screen for run’n’gun shooting.
  2. Z-Finder attaches to EVF monitor creating the world’s first anti-fog EVF.
  3. Flipping up the Z-Finder allows users an adjustable 3.2″ high resolution monitor.


Product specifications and key features:

  • 3.2 inch high resolution monitor
  • Actual 16×9 with 800×480 resolution
  • .87 dot pitch
  • Works with all Z-Finder models
  • Operates for a ½ day on a Canon LP-E6 camera battery or can use 12 volt external power
  • Focus Assist, False Color Exposure Assist and HDMI loop through
  • Includes a Zacuto proprietary hot shoe mount and mini HDMI cable
  • Convenient flip-up design: Z-Finder can flip up like a traditional ENG EVF’s to view 3.2” color screen
  • Z-Finder EVF: compatible with full range of HD-DSLR cameras: Canon 5D MKII, Canon 7D, Canon Rebel T2i, and Nikon D3s and D7000
  • EVF can be used on any manufacturer’s rig via 1/4 20 screw, 15mm rod or articulating arm.

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