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Special Webinar Teaches "Tapeless Video Workflow – From Ingest to Output"

Internationally renowned Final Cut Pro guru, Larry Jordan, presents a webinar designed for folks who are new to working with tapeless media. For this webinar, he will be working with AVCHD media.

Tapeless media requires entirely different organization and techniques than traditional tape-based media. This session walks you thru the entire process from initially setting up folders, to bringing the media into Final Cut (“ingest”), to configuring scratch disks and sequence settings, to editing, rendering and export for the web.

If you are moving into tapeless media and want to do it right, you need to attend this session.

What you should know to make the most of this session

  • You have installed Final Cut Studio 2 or later. ( Final Cut Pro 7 supports more tapeless formats than Final Cut Pro 6, but the process is the same.)
  • You are shooting or editing material recorded to something other than video tape.
  • You are relatively new to using tapeless media.

This session will show you how to:

  • Setup folders and naming systems to properly capture media on set
  • Create a system for safe backup and archiving.
  • Understand how Final Cut Pro tracks source and ingested media files.
  • Work with media metadata.
  • Use and configure Log & Transfer.
  • Configure Final Cut Pro’s preference settings for tapeless media.
  • Configure Final Cut Pro’s sequence and render settings for fastest speed.
  • Create effects faster using little known tips.
  • Configure Final Cut Pro’s render settings for best quality.
  • Export files for the highest quality and fastest speed.

PLUS — Live questions and answers with Larry during the event via our interactive chat.

All attendees receive free access to the recorded webinar afterward to use as a reference.

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