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Automatic Duck Partners with Adobe Systems

Automatic Duck is renowned for improving the interchange between Avid, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Pro Tools, Smoke, Quantel and other AAF and OMF-friendly apps. This week Automatic Duck announced that it has partnered with Adobe Systems to bring that same interchange functionality to Premiere Pro. To that end, Automatic Duck co-founder, Wes Plate, has joined the Adobe Product Marketing team. Harry Plate, the other co-Founder of Automatic Duck, will be assisting with the technology integration while continuing to focus on supporting other Automatic Duck partners.

Automatic Duck views its partnership with an Adobe as a great opportunity for its customers, as it will finally be able to offer the same best-in-class quality translation interface for Premiere Pro as it has offered in the past for other video editing products. Automatic Duck looks forward to enabling customers to seamlessly move in and out of Premiere Pro in their editing/processing workflows.

The Automatic Duck team is preparing a new, updated website.

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