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Framestore Integrates IKinema into its Motion Capture Pipeline

Bringing a new age of motion capture processing to the industry, IKinema LTD announced that the leading VFX house in London, Framestore, has incorporated IKinema technology into its motion capture production pipeline. Chosen for its powerful, fast and remarkably controllable design, IKinema’s inverse kinematics (IK) solver is now the key motion capture solving and retargeting tool that Framestore uses to create special effects and animation for both its broadcast and VFX projects.

Once Framestore integrated IKinema into its core motion capture pipeline, the results they had been hoping for began to appear. It is now possible to take tracked and filtered point cloud data from mocap software and easily animate a high-resolution skeleton by assigning their data to a linked set of joints. This process can be scripted via IKinema SDK and reused on every future take, which saves time by producing high-quality results.

For a recent VFX project, it was extremely important for Framestore to obtain the most accurate and truthful reproduction of a particular actor’s motion. By overlaying IKinema’s solver with calibrated witness camera footage, Framestore was able to determine how well the solver matched the actor’s movement. Not only did the solver prove incredibly accurate, but it also gave the studio a newfound flexibility that streamlined the entire mocap solving and retargeting pipeline.

IKinema technology enables users to create and retarget data directly inside Maya, in real-time and for a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. IKinema converts virtually any skeleton model to a full feature rig while generating fluid and life-like full-body animation for a wide range of characters. Retargeting can also be executed from other models, for rapid customizations of existing assets, or directly from motion capture data such as position markers and joint data. Additional features include real-time links to Vicon and Xsens motion capture systems for real-time streaming, retargeting and recording of data, as well as automatic balance and center of mass control for rapid animation.

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