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FSI Introduces Powerful New Features via Free Firmware Update 9.42

Flanders Scientific is happy to announce the release of firmware version 9.42, which adds some very useful new features to FSI’s already capable monitor lineup. Three of the main additions found in this firmware release are:

1. HD Anamorphic De-Squeeze. This powerful feature gives you the ability to de-squeeze HD signals coming from cameras utilizing anamorphic lenses that may not have a built in de-squeeze feature of their own. This can be particularly useful in applications outside of post production, especially onset monitoring, where de-squeezing such signals in realtime may otherwise not be possible. The de-squeeze modes available are 1.3, 2.0, and 2.0mag. This feature is in addition to, and not a substitute for, the SD anamorphic and PAL SD FHA modes offered by our SD Aspect function.

2. AFD (Active Format Description) Reader. This new function gives you the ability to instantly toggle on/off a sophisticated AFD reader that will present you with the AFD code and AFD code frame, active image, positioning, and alternative image information. Additionally, the areas defined by the AFD reader will be shown onscreen with corresponding markers.

3. New Custom Markers. Two new user created custom markers have been added to the Marker Menu entitled Discovery and WS-SAFE-A-T. Keep in mind that FSI allows its users to generate custom markers via a 1920×1080 bmp file, which after being submitted to FSI will be rolled into future firmware updates at no charge. If you have a custom marker that you would like to see added to our list of marker selections send us your files ( and we will be happy to integrate them into our marker selection menu.

In Addition to the new features listed above some of the other features that have been updated or changed include:

  • New SD Enhancement Toggle on Video Menu for SD video signals.
  • New Default Scope Intensity Level at 75% of Max instead of 50% of Max.
  • RGB and GBR Parade indications moved right to avoid overlap with scale on left
  • Pixel Position toggle moved from function key to Rotary Knob to free up additional function key position
  • All new FSI monitors will now ship with this latest firmware version and as usual these updates are now also available for free to current FSI Monitor owners. Additional updates, features, and bug fixes have also been added in this firmware release. For complete details on these changes see the firmware release notes after logging into the firmware update site If you have forgotten your login information simply reregister your monitor. After registration you will be redirected to a page with your login information (make sure pop-up, redirect blockers are disabled).
  • New Color Critical 9″ Field Monitor Now In Stock!
  • The LM-0950W is Now In Stock and Available for Immediate Delivery
  • This high resolution 9″ monitor is equipped with an exceptional LCD panel delivering display performance on par with units costing nearly twice as much and it comes with an unrivaled set of features including:
  • 3Gbps/HD/SD-SDI, Component, Composite, and DVI-I Inputs all Standard
  • Waveform with Intensity Adjustment
  • Vector Scope with Gain Expansion
  • RGB, GBR, and RGB Overlay Parade Scopes
  • YCbCr and YCbCr Overlay Scopes
  • YRGB Column Scopes
  • 3 Histogram Scopes (Standard, RGB Histogram, and Color Histogram)
  • 16 Channel Audio Level Meters, Audio Disembedding, Audio Output, and Built-In Speakers
  • Real-time image flip
  • Adjustable LUM Coloring Exposure Check with customizable ranges
  • Onscreen Alarm Monitoring for less obtrusive indication of alarm conditions like Over Exposure
  • Advanced Measurement Feature for precision 10 bit YRGB level readout of single pixel or sampled area
  • Wide Variety of Standard and Customizable Markers
  • All the broadcast monitor basics like H/V Delay, Blue Only, Monochrome, SD Aspect Ratio Selection, etc.

Click for more information about the Flanders Scientific update.


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