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CoreMelt Unveils CoreMelt Complete v2.5 for FCPX and Premiere Pro

In a recent point release update, CoreMelt has added 20 motion templates and 8 new plug-ins to its CoreMelt Complete plug-in suite that installs across multiple OS X host programs, including FCPX, FCP 7 and After Effects, with a single license. Version 2.5 now contains some 220 plug-ins and is a free upgrade for all existing CoreMelt users.

CoreMelt’s GPU-accelerated plug-in engine drives all of the suite’s effects, which range from standard glows, blurs and color correctors to 3D distortion effects. The new plug-ins in v2.5 include:

  • Vintage Newsprint, a shatter effect that overlays a dot-screen or channel-separation effect that looks like misaligned newspaper print
  • 4 Point Mask Layer – Gadget, which creates a mask with four onscreen control points
  • Light Burn – TRX, which wipes to the next image through a controllable burn
  • Lights Out – TRX, a flicker that darkens and then lights up to reveal the new clip
  • Light Streaks – TRX, for grunging up your image with random light streaks before revealing the main subject
  • Shapes Grow – TRX, a random shape generator
  • Glass Fractures – Delta V, which creates fractured blurred glass shapes at random before revealing the target clip
  • Plasma Wipe – Delta V, which does the same with plasma wipes

CoreMelt is currently running a special of CoreMelt Complete v2.5 for $199, essentially 50 percent off the list price. The company is also offering a 14-day unrestricted trial of the full package as well as CoreMelt FREE!, a no-cost download of some 33 plug-ins for FCP, FCE, Motion and AE.

Click for more information about CoreMelt Complete v2.5.


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