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Boinx Rolls Out iStopMotion for iPad

Boinx Software, a multi-award winning software developer for Mac platform and iOS devices, is pleased to announce the availability ofiStopMotion for iPad , a new addition to the widely popular iStopMotion family of products. iStopMotion for iPad sports camera overlay for visually orchestrating one exciting frame to the next, instant playback for instant smiles, a beautiful timeline, and export options that make sharing movie masterpieces with friends and family simple. iStopMotion for iPad also has a companion, iStopMotion Remote Camera, which lets movie makers use their iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch (4th generation) or a second iPad 2 to capture frames, expanding the creative possibilities.

More than just fun, iStopMotion for iPad is educational too

Parents who homeschool, K-12 teachers and technology instructors can easily add iStopMotion for iPad to the lesson plan and give students a hands-on learning experience that unleashes their creativity with the added benefit of learning life skills.

All that you need in one stylish design

iStopMotion for iPad user-friendly features make it the ideal stop motion animation and time-lapse tool for people of all ages and skill levels.

Feature highlights include:

See the changes unfold before your eyes with Camera Overlay

Stop motion movie makers can overlay the current live camera image with the previous one, visually assessing scene changes. This allows them to animate more quickly and with a higher degree of accuracy.

Instant Playback means instant gratification

The instant playback feature lets movie makers view their production before completion, enabling them to check their work at any time and benefit from seeing the fruits of their labor before they have even finished the product. No more waiting for the software to render – they just tap the play button to see what’s done so far.

A Timeline designed so you never lose your way

iStopMotion for iPad timeline is all about creativity. Beautiful in design and intuitive by nature, users always know where they are within their animation. With side by side frame views and quick two-finger swipe that takes users from start to finish, movie makers see their animation come together from the ‘Big Picture” perspective. For the novice movie maker, iStopMotion for iPad timeline provides the building blocks for time management and sequence organization; helping them achieve their movie vision one frame at a time.

Time Lapse control – slow things down to speed them up

For time-lapse movies, iStopMotion can be set to capture frames automatically at certain time intervals. Built-in controls allow users to adjust camera exposure and focus so the camera doesn’t automatically adjust to external changes – avoiding the dreaded flicker.

Share your masterpiece with the world

Easy-to-use export options allow movie makers to share their work via email or on YouTube. They can also export movies to their Mac or PC for further editing.

Want better angles and clearer image quality? Meet iStopMotion Remote Camera

A companion to iStopMotion for iPad, iStopMotion Remote Camera lets movie makers use iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch or a second iPad 2 to capture images, opening the doors for endless set scenarios. Small spaces and difficult angles to shoot can easily be managed thanks to the convenience of the iPhone or iPod touch. Plus, with the ability to shoot frames using the iPhone 4S’s high-quality camera, image clarity is top notch. iStopMotion Remote Camera connects devices to iStopMotion for iPad via Wi-Fi connection.

iStopMotion for iPad Availability

Click for more information about iStopMotion for iPad.

Click for more information about the iStopMotion Remote Camera for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 4th gen iPod touch and iPad.

Nucoda Raises Premium Grading With 64-bit Software Release

Image Systems continues to move its colour grading software technology forward increasing creativity and productivity in DI by delivering a flexible file-based workflow. Nucoda 2011.2 is now a 64-bit only application giving greatly increased performance particularly when using memory intensive tools such as the industry standard DVO image processing toolset.

The software includes a number of enhancements and refinements to the user interface as well as new features for the Precision grading panel. The introduction of a project storage feature speeds up project handling and enhancements to the backup process gives increased confidence to users.

There are also enhancements for file import and export including support for the ProRes codec from Apple. In addition to the existing support for importing ProRes, Nucoda now allows users to export files in any ProRes resolution particularly benefiting workflows utilising the ARRI Alexa camera and Final Cut Pro. For a complete ProRes workflow Nucoda can now provide an end-to-end solution without the need to encode on an intermediate workstation.

Nucoda users can now select any layer to create intermediate caches. New tools available directly from the Precision panel manage and replace cached material on the timeline when the original material has been changed or updated. The software’s stereo workflow includes greater control over the monitoring of tracks. New assignable Left, Right and mono tracks allow stereo compositing and flexible monitoring options to ensure the user only sees what he needs to.

Click here for more information about Image Systems’ Nucoda New Premium Grading Software.

Image Systems’ Phoenix takes on 4K restoration with Key Software Upgrade

Image Systems has answered the growing requirements of film and video restoration and archive providers in the latest version of its Phoenix software. The 2011.2 release sees a move to 64-bit significantly improving speed and performance when restoring memory intensive projects such as 4K.

Famed for its heritage in film-based restoration, Phoenix now delivers interlaced motion estimation tools providing restoration and enhancement tools for any tape format. For the first time this allows users to fully correct and deliver projects of mixed film and tape media within a single timeline.

The new software was used on key projects in the run up to this launch. Film and digital laboratory Éclair was one of the first Image Systems customers to restore a project in 4K using Phoenix when it completed the restoration for Pathé’s 1940s French masterpiece Les Enfants du Paradis.

Users can now select any layer to create intermediate caches. Tools have been added to easily manage and replace cached material on the timeline when the original material has been changed or updated. A simplified effects selection, new review and scrubbing modes and improvements to the bookmark system allow users to work faster and smarter.

Designed with users in mind based on feedback from customers the new user interface updates will simplify, speed up and enable greater freedom when restoring high resolution material.

Click here for more information about Image Systems’ Phoenix Upgrade.

PluralEyes For Final Cut Pro X Enters Public Beta Stage

Singular Software, a developer of workflow automation applications for video production, is pleased to announce that the PluralEyes for Apple Final Cut Pro X Public Beta is now available. The multi-award winning PluralEyes technology works alongside Final Cut Pro to instantly sync multi-camera video and audio tracks; saving hours of tedious, manual syncing during post. Many of PluralEyes for Final Cut Pro users employ multi-camera and dual-system audio workflows relying heavily on PluralEyes to facilitate the media sync. Whether editing with Final Cut Pro version 7 or X, Singular Software ensures their customers enjoy all of the same advanced synchronization capabilities that PluralEyes has to offer.

When it is released, support for Final Cut Pro X will be a free update for all current users of PluralEyes.

Click here for more information about downloading the new PluralEyes public beta.

Bright Technologies Presents New Generation of BrightDrive Media File Servers for Media and Entertainment Industry

Bright Technologies, Inc., developer of advanced technology for shared media, has answered the industry’s need for economical, compact, eco-friendly media file servers by launching a new generation of BrightDrive servers. Designed and developed to address the rigorous demands of the media and entertainment industry, BrightDrive Procyon and BrightDrive Triton offer a unique set of features and functionalities that dramatically increase productivity and maximize profitability via real-time collaboration between all clients.

The servers will incorporate Bright’s best-of-class software, including the astonishing new patent-pending BrightClip 2.0 advanced recording technology. The latest BrightClip release is faster and smarter than ever. More than just file allocation, it permanently overcomes the industry-wide problem of degradation by eliminating fragmentation, randomization and inter-leaved frames and is still the only solution that works 100% at all times.

BrightDrive Procyon, the next generation of Bright’s G2 Pro, packs a powerful punch from a compact 3U footprint. The high-availability server utilizes integrated connectivity, eliminating the need for extraneous components, to offer an outstanding out-of-the-box experience. Procyon features a groundbreaking hardware platform plus a current and stable software foundation – including support of StorNext 4.2.

The new BrightDrive Triton elevates BrightDrive G2, its predecessor, to a higher level. The new server answers the need for an attractively priced, green solution that only occupies a single rack unit. Triton also supports StorNext 4.2.

In addition to their fresh look, BrightDrive’s Procyon and Triton eco-friendly designs lower cooling requirements and significantly reduce power costs. The servers’ agnostic architecture allow facilities to seamlessly interface with their preferred applications, protocol, resolution, and formats, eliminating the need for investment in new storage. They offer the highest level of operational stability, consistent and predictable performance, and high-speed access for all users at all times. Both BrightDrives are equipped with incomparable GUI’s (graphical user interfaces) for monitoring and administration.

BrightDrive Procyon is shipping and BrightDrive Triton will be available as of January 1, 2012 directly from Bright Technologies and through Bright’s worldwide network of business partners.

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Build your RAID Storage and Save Money

HDDisk, a Storage Solution Provider, is happy to present this unique opportunity to their loyal customers, for limited time only. They will be offering sale enclosures only and users can get drives and card adapters any place they like, as well as help recommending what drives and cards a user needs, a service which will be provided free of charge. If a user want them to configure for the buyer, HDDisk can be emailed to give a quote on configuring their raid solution. Here are some of the products users can get on this promotion.

  • Part Number 2153 – Janus II Raid Kit – 16‐Bay 3U JanusRAID2 4Gb Fiber Channel to SAS/SATA single Controller RAID unit with Intel IOP 341CPU, 2GB cache DDR2 Memory. 460W * 2 Redundant Power Supply. Hot Swap Fans * 3; Supports RAID Levels: JBOD, 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60, NRAID
  • Part Number 2084 – 4Bay Tower RAID 5 USB 3.0 / FireWire 800 / eSATA Enclosure
  • Part Number 1040 – 5Bay Tower eSATA Port Multiplier Enclosure
  • Part Number 1428 – Mini Epica 3.5” Desktop 5 Bays USB 2.0 + 1394b and eSATA- SATA II RAID Subsystem
  • Part Number 1267 – 3Gb SAS – 8Bay Removable MiniSAS/MultiLane Enclosure
  • Part Number 1588 – 6GB SAS – 8Bay Removable MiniSAS/MultiLane Enclosure
  • Part Number 2156 – EPICa Series EP-3166J-S6S6 3U 16Bays 6G SASII JBOD Enclosure Solution
  • Part Number 1495 – NAS 2U 8Bay Solution

The past 5 week hard drives have increase on price, and HDDisk is trying to keep prices as low as possible, so their clients don’t feel the increase. Due to massive flooding in Thailand there is a worldwide shortage of hard drives, the company recommends to their clients, if they have a project where you need storage, please plan ahead so you can get their products on time. Delivery times ranges from 4 to 6 days on big raids.

To help with this issue HDDisk is offering enclosure solutions so clients can build there own raid, an offer that ends Dec. 31, 2011.

For more information about building your own RAID storage.

Eye Scream Factory Unveils 200+ Transitions for Avid FX and Boris RED

Eye Scream Factory, a provider of time-saving design templates, presets, and royalty-free content for digital media artists, has announced the availability of 200+ transition presets for Avid FX v6, a plug-in application for transitions, professional text, and advanced composites inside Avid Media Composer and Symphony, and Boris RED v5, a plug-in application for transitions, professional text, and advanced composites inside Adobe, Apple, Grass Valley, Media 100, and Sony video editing software. This first volume of Eye Scream Factory presets features 200+ designer transition effects ranging from extruded shatters, lens flares, lens blurs, caustics, and volumetric rays to organic wipes and waves. The customizable, cross-platform transition effects can be applied at any duration.

Feature Highlights – Eye Scream Factory Transition Presets for Boris RED and Avid FX

  • Instant Effects – Easily preview and apply presets to host application video inside the Avid FX or Boris RED Library Browser. The graphical preset Library Browser makes finding your desired look a snap.
  • Completely Customizable – The preset effects can be customized and combined with other effects. Editors can then save new customized presets to the Avid FX or Boris RED Library Browser for future use.
  • Cross-Platform – The presets can be used with Boris RED or Avid FX as a standalone application or inside any Macintosh or Windows host application in which Avid FX or Boris RED is installed.
  • Multiprocessor-accelerated Lens Blurring Effects – Looks traditionally achieved by a camera lens aperture setting can be matched through simple Eye Scream Factory preset selections.
  • Wide Variety of Transitions – In addition to Lens Blur effects, Eye Scream Factory transition presets integrate extruded shatters, lens flares, caustics, volumetric rays, organic wipes, and waves.


Volume I of the Eye Scream Factory Transition Presets collection for Avid FX and Boris RED is available immediately from the Boris FX worldwide reseller channel and direct from the Boris FX and Eye Scream Factory websites. Additional preset volumes will be available soon.

Click for more information about Eye Scream Factory’s 200+ customizable designer transition presets.

Blackmagic Design Releases DaVinci Resolve for Windows Public Beta

Blackmagic Design announced DaVinci Resolve 8.2 for Microsoft Windows(TM) public beta is now available for download. DaVinci Resolve for Windows public beta is available in both the full featured DaVinci Resolve 8.2 and free DaVinci Resolve Lite versions. The DaVinci Resolve 8.2 for Windows license is included with the Mac OS X version, so all current Mac OS X customers automatically get a license for the Windows version, and can download it now to use in their facility.

This new DaVinci Resolve for Windows beta will allow customers to use a wide range of hardware for building color correction systems with the advantage of a wider selection of GPU processing options with support for up to 4 GPU’s per system.

When the public beta program is complete, and DaVinci Resolve for Microsoft Windows is formally released, it will be accompanied by the Mac OS X version. When a customer purchases DaVinci Resolve, they can choose which operating system they want to use, and then install either one. This allows the flexibility to let customers potentially choose to use a Windows desktop computer in the office with powerful multiple GPU processing, while at any time the customer can unplug the dongle and plug into one of the latest stylish Mac OS X MacBook Pro computers when on set.

Only DaVinci Resolve lets customers move between either operating system at any time without the extra expense of purchasing a second copy of the software.

As a reward for all current DaVinci Resolve customers, any customer who has purchased the Mac OS X version of DaVinci Resolve can now keep using the same dongle for the Windows version of DaVinci Resolve, and they can simply download the Windows version. This will ensure current DaVinci Resolve customers are kept up to date with the latest features, and are not disadvantaged for purchasing early.

DaVinci Resolve will now be available in three models. DaVinci Resolve Lite, the current free version, is now available in both Windows and Mac OS X downloads. DaVinci Resolve Software is now available for both Mac OS X and Windows and customers will get support for both operating systems for the one purchase. DaVinci Resolve with the full colorist designed control surface will be available with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux software, allowing the customer to choose any of three operating systems to build their color correction system.

Click to see product photos of the DaVinci Resolve, and all other Blackmagic Design products.

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Digital Production Buzz — Dec. 15, 2011

  • Video-taping inside the White House
  • Blackmagic on Teranex
  • An Official Pluginologist!
  • High-end digital conversion and management

GUESTS: Arun Chaudhary, Brian Campanotti, Michele Yamazaki, and Dan May

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Join Larry Jordan as he talks with:

Arun Chaudhary, Former White House Videographer

What’s it like, being the official videographer for the Obama White House? This week, we talk with Arun Chaudhary who, for four years, was the official videographer inside the Obama White House. He shares his stories, his techniques, and his thoughts on his role in preserving history. He shares what he did day-to-day, and the balance between the press corps and his work. This will be a fascinating interview!

Michele Yamazaki, VP Marketing and Pluginologist, Toolfarm

We first met Michele Yamazaki, the VP of Marketing for Toolfarm, a month ago. And we had such positive response, we invited her back. After all, it isn’t every day that we get to talk to an “Official Pluginologist.” We want to spend more time talking about favorite plug-in, last minute gift ideas, and get a sense of what to watch for in the future.

Dan May, President, Blackmagic Design, Inc.

Two weeks ago, Blackmagic Design stunned the industry by acquiring Teranex – a state-of-the-art hardware technology providing video format conversions, up- and down-scaling, and conversion from 2D to 3D images. This week, we talk with Dan May, President of Blackmagic Design, Inc., about why they acquired the company, how Blackmagic Design expects to benefit from it and WHY, yesterday, they dropped the price $70,000!!!

Brian Campanotti, Chief Technology Officer, Front Porch Digital.

Front Porch Digital is a global leader in content storage management (CSM) solutions and the migration and preservation of analogue to digital files. CTO Brian Campanotti has direct responsibility for the overall design and development of the next generation of Front Porch products and services, one of which – their SAMMA system – is receiving a Technology and Engineering Emmy this coming February. Front Porch specializes in converting analog media to digital files, tracking them, and helping you make money on them later.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else! It’s another fascinating show.
It’s all the information you need now to know what’s coming next!

The Digital Production BuZZ airs LIVE Thursday from 6-7 PM Pacific Daylight Time. Ask questions during the show on our Live Chat, listen live, download an episode from the archives, or subscribe to the podcast either through iTunes or our website. Whatever you do, DON’T miss this week’s show!

Larry Jordan Ramps Up Final Cut Pro X Training Announces Updated Final Cut Training, Lower Prices and Subscription Service

Oak Park, CA (PRWEB) December 14, 2011

Apple Final Cut training guru, Larry Jordan, announced three major changes to his training that are designed to make access easier and less expensive for users. These changes include a subscription service, updates to his Final Cut Pro X training that includes 45 new, or revised, videos, and price reductions on all FCP X training.

“I created our subscription service to make my Power Up Final Cut training more accessible, more affordable, and more available to everyone who wants it,” said Larry Jordan. “Now, if you have an Internet connection you can see any of my Final Cut webinars, tutorials, or newsletters whenever you want. This is a real benefit. I am committed to providing the highest quality training, at the lowest possible price, with the widest distribution possible. From subscriptions to individual downloads to free techniques and articles – we want to make our viewers successful.”

The already extensive training collection in Jordan’s training library – of videos, articles and newsletters – will increase monthly via updates from his Wednesday webinar series.

“For fans of Larry Jordan’s Final Cut training, as well as his Adobe Premiere Pro training, the subscription service will be a huge asset,” said Laura Peters, marketing director for Larry Jordan & Associates, Inc. “Users can have unlimited online streaming access and folks who want individual titles without a subscription can still download that title to watch offline. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Larry’s got training for you.”

The recent updates to Jordan’s Final Cut Pro X training reflect Apple’s 10.0.1 as well as the 10.0.2 releases. He has created 45 new or revised training videos with over four hours of excellent Final Cut Pro X tips and techniques into his existing training and made the updates free to anyone who ever purchased his training.

To reflect the growing interest in FCP X, Jordan is now able to reduce the price of his training packages. Jordan’s Final Cut Pro X Complete training is now $129 (a $50 savings), and his Final Cut Pro X Workflow & Editing and Final Cut Pro X Effects video collections are each $79 (a $20 savings) and his Final Cut Pro X Quick Start video is now only $39.00.

Larry Jordan’s newly formatted and twice as informative Weekly and Monthly Newsletter about Final Cut Pro X is still free, as are the hundreds of written techniques on his website.

About Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan is an internationally-renowned consultant and digital media analyst with over 35 years experience as a television producer, director and editor with national broadcast and corporate credits. As a foremost Apple-Certified trainer in Final Cut Studio, he was among the first to see Final Cut Pro X and label it “jaw-dropping.”

His informative and entertaining teaching style provides video editors around the world with unique resources to increase productivity and enhance their skills. Based in Los Angeles, he’s a member of both the Directors Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America. Jordan writes and edits the free ‘Larry Jordan Final Cut Studio Newsletter,’ which provides essential information to the interested user of Final Cut.

Jordan is the author of hundreds of hours of online training and five books on Final Cut Studio, published by Peachpit Press and Focal Press. His most recent book, “Final Cut Pro X: Making the Transition,” is now available from Peachpit Press and Amazon.

Jordan is also executive producer and host of the weekly interactive internet radio show and podcast, Digital Production BuZZ, providing everything you need to know about digital media, production, post-production and distribution. For more information about Larry Jordan, please visit the Larry Jordan website.