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Digital Production Buzz – April 19, 2012

This is Day 4 in our Special Coverage of the 2012 NAB Show!
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  • Telestream introduces new products
  • A new version of Sony Vegas Pro
  • Walter Biscardi’s thoughts on NAB 2012
  • Building world-class lenses starts with the glass.
  • 50-year archival storage — without tape
  • New video recorders from Sound Devices
  • Killer products you’ve never heard about

GUESTS: Barbara DeHart, Leigh Hermann, Walter Biscardi, Les Zellan, Bland McCartha, John Tatooles, and Doug Pircher.

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New interviews every week! Join Larry Jordan as he talks with:

Barbara DeHart, Vice-president, Marketing, Telestream

Teletream has had a busy year. They were acquired by a financial services firm, which gave them cash to grow and grow they have. Barbara DeHart, VP of Marketing, joins us to share her thoughts on the acquisition, what it means for staff and customers, and gives us a sneak peek on two new Telestream products coming to market shortly.

Leigh Hermann, Director of Business Development, Sony Creative Software

It isn’t true that your company name needs to start with “A” in order to create video editing software. Sony Vegas Pro is a well-established product that we don’t talk about often enough. Leigh Hermann, Director of Business Development for Sony Creative Software, stops by to tell us about the latest updates to their editing software as well as showcase some upcoming features.

Walter Biscardi, Owner/Creative Genius, Biscardi Creative Media

Walter Biscardi, the Founder of Biscardi Creative Media, is part of our team of Special Correspondents covering this year’s 2012 NAB Show. He is struck by the amount of excitement and energy running through the entire event, as he explains in today’s special report.

Les Zellan, Owner, Cooke Optics

Cooke Optics makes lenses for the cinema market. Known for their precision and quality, we spoke with Les Zellan, Owner of Cooke Optics, about what it takes to make a great lens and how to choose a lens for your style of shooting. Listening to his description of how different glass contributes to the quality of a lens was one of the highlights in this year’s coverage.

Bland McCartha, VP Marketing and Sales, HVault

HVault is so new, they barely have a press release. But it was the press release that caught our eye. They have invented a new form of holographic storage – recorded to optical media – that lasts for 50 years. They proved it works in the lab, now they are looking to create strategic relationships to turn it into a product. We talk with Bland McCartha, VP Marketing and Sales for HVault, about what this new technology is, how it works, and when we can put it to use in our studios.

John Tatooles, Managing Director, Sound Devices

Sound Devices got its start creating portable audio mixers and audio recording gear to use on set. Recently, they branched out into their acclaimed Pix line of digital video recorders. We talk with John Tatooles, Managing Director of Sound Devices, about their latest products, how they work and where he sees the company heading during 2012.

Doug Pircher, General Manager, International Supplies

One of the highlights for us during every NAB show is meeting with Doug Pircher, General Manager of International Supplies. Doug scours the world looking for unusual products for production and post that you quickly discover you can’t live without. This year, he brings his usual collection of interesting stuff, including a very cool system for keeping your production crew safe at night.

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