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ClipExporter v1.1 Exports FCP X Projects to After Effects

New Features and Improvements:

After Effects export

Import your Final Cut Pro X project in After Effects. All edits, parameters and compound clips are translated while both applications share the same media. See a more detailed features list here.

Selective export with roles

You can manage the export of your video-clips by assigning roles to the chosen clips in Final Cut Pro X. Simply turn on the Roles feature, choose the role(s) and export only the clips you desire.


The new Preferences Panel offers options to shorten your output file- and folder-names, to lock your source media (AE only) and to predefine a default set of subfolders.

Compound clip, Audition clip and Lane support

It is not necessary anymore to break apart compound clips,to flatten audition clips or to reduce the clips to the primary storyline before export. Simply export the project as XML without any preparations.

To learn more about ClipExporter, click here.


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