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Digital Production Buzz – May 10, 2012

  • New Effects from GenArts!
  • Pick the Best Lenses and Filters
  • Education, Training, and Job Skills
  • Solar-Powered Production — on a Boat!

GUESTS: Steve Kilisky, Ryan Avery, Mike Flanagan, and Philip Hodgetts

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New interviews every week! Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:

Steve Kilisky, Director, Product Management, GenArts

GenArts has released a new version of Sapphire Edge – version 2. It’s now available for Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Sony Vegas. We wanted to learn more about it, so we invited Steve Kilisky, Director of Product Management at GenArts to tell us more.

Ryan Avery, Sales Manager, Schneider Optics

We talk a lot about the cameras we use for our productions, but the lenses and filters we choose are equally important. The National Sales Manager for Schneider Optics, Ryan Avery, gives us some tips about what to look for in lenses and filters and how to pick the best ones for your project.

Mike Flanagan, Founder/CEO, Video Symphony, Inc.

Keeping our technical skills up to date is critical – especially given the rapid change in our industry and the pressures of competition. Mike Flanagan founded Video Symphony in Burbank, CA, a technical school focused on post-production skills for film and video. He also wrote a book called “Hollywood Jobs.” We are always interested in new techniques we can use to get work – so this is one interview you won’t want to miss!

Phillip Hodgetts, CEO, Intelligent Assistance

He’s doing WHAT??? Philip Hodgetts, CEO of Intelligent Assistance, is about to embark on an historic adventure – a 6,000 mile expedition around the Great Loop of North America in a solar-powered sailing craft. First, we want to know WHY? Then, we want to discover HOW he’s doing it and WHAT gear he’s bringing; especially when it all has to be solar powered. We can’t wait for him to explain.

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else — it’s another fascinating show!

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