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Digital Production Buzz — May 3, 2012

Here’s The Buzz from NAB – Complete Show Coverage!

  • Live Streaming – From Your Camera!
  • Making a Living with Your Music
  • Off the Beaten Track: Funny iPad Apps
  • Professional Accessories for iPhone Filming

GUESTS: Ken Zamkow, Jay Costa, Christian Ugbode, and Dave Fisk,

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New interviews every week! Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:

Ken Zamkow, Director, Sales & Marketing, LiveU

In a surprise announcement during the recent NAB Show, Panasonic revealed a new partnership with LiveU that specializes in bonded uplink video streaming. We got to demo one of their live streaming packs during NAB and were able to stream live news while walking around the show floor without a hitch. Marketing & Sales Director, Ken Zamkow, Director of Sales and Marketing for LiveU, tells us more about the company and the impact live streaming can have on your production.

Jay Costa, Licensing Director, Chicago Music Library

Jay Costa is the Licensing Director for the Chicago Music Library. He also works as a music supervisor. Since music is a world that is constantly changing, we want to ask him about how to make a living in this very competitive field.

Christian Ugbode, Co-Executive Director, The Blackline Magazine

It’s time for a creative change of pace. iPad Apps are not easy to write and funny iPad Apps are even harder. Christian Ugbode, Co-Executive Director for The Blackline Magazine, seems to know how to do it, however, so we’ve invited him on the BuZZ to tell us more about the creative process behind creating humor.

Dave Fisk, Sales Manager, K-Tek

Dave Fisk is the Sales Manager at K-Tek, known for their graphite and aluminum boom poles, K-microphone and camera accessories, but they have recently begun manufacturing products as accessories for iPhones. Does this portend the end of civilization as we know it?

You can’t find people or interviews like this anywhere else — it’s another fascinating show!

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