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Noise Industries Announces Callouts 1.2 Released for Final Cut Pro X

Noise Industries, a developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, introduces Callouts 1.2 by Ripple Training exclusively for Final Cut Pro X, available now through FxFactory. Callouts is an exciting way to highlight specific parts of footage. Editors can easily create emphasis with checklists, animated shapes, magnifiers, text highlights, animated paths and more. Ripple Training Callouts 1.2 can be purchased through FxFactory for 49 USD and is available as a free upgrade for existing customers.

Callouts 1.2 has two new plugins:

Checklists: Use animated checklists to describe an image on the screen. Editors can easily customize checklist items with different colors, fonts and animations.

Glossy Shapes: This plugin features 15 different shapes including arrows, mouse pointers, badges, hearts, stars, think bubbles, finger pointers and more. Shapes can be customized and animated for an exciting look that draws attention to footage.

With Ripple Training Callouts 1.2, editors can:

  • Control over 30 different parameters to easily customize the look of any Callout
  • Move, rotate and shape Callouts using flexible on-screen controls
  • Mix and match multiple Callouts on a clip
  • Connect Callouts to hold frames using 3-point editing techniques
  • Animate Callouts on and off screen, plus create more animation by keyframing parameters

Click for more information about Noise Industries.

Click for more information about Callouts 1.2.


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