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Noise Industries Announces Callouts 1.2 Released for Final Cut Pro X

Noise Industries, a developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, introduces Callouts 1.2 by Ripple Training exclusively for Final Cut Pro X, available now through FxFactory. Callouts is an exciting way to highlight specific parts of footage. Editors can easily create emphasis with checklists, animated shapes, magnifiers, text highlights, animated paths and more. Ripple Training Callouts 1.2 can be purchased through FxFactory for 49 USD and is available as a free upgrade for existing customers.

Callouts 1.2 has two new plugins:

Checklists: Use animated checklists to describe an image on the screen. Editors can easily customize checklist items with different colors, fonts and animations.

Glossy Shapes: This plugin features 15 different shapes including arrows, mouse pointers, badges, hearts, stars, think bubbles, finger pointers and more. Shapes can be customized and animated for an exciting look that draws attention to footage.

With Ripple Training Callouts 1.2, editors can:

  • Control over 30 different parameters to easily customize the look of any Callout
  • Move, rotate and shape Callouts using flexible on-screen controls
  • Mix and match multiple Callouts on a clip
  • Connect Callouts to hold frames using 3-point editing techniques
  • Animate Callouts on and off screen, plus create more animation by keyframing parameters

Click for more information about Noise Industries.

Click for more information about Callouts 1.2.

AJA Video Releases Support for Apple OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

AJA Video Systems, a manufacturer of professional video interface and conversion solutions, released a new software update supporting Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion including Gatekeeper certification. The new v10.3.2 software is also compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and is available for AJA’s latest KONA and Io XT and Io Express products.

Click for the new v10.3.2 drivers are now available as a free download for all KONA LHi, KONA LHe Plus, KONA 3, KONA 3G, Io XT and Io Express customers.

Click for more information about AJA Video Systems, Inc.

Thinkbox Software To Announce Deadline 6.0 at SIGGRAPH 2012

Thinkbox Software announced the updated version of the company’s popular render farm management solution for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX-based render farms, Deadline 6.0. Deadline 6.0 will be unveiled at the SIGGRAPH Conference at the Thinkbox Software booth (#937), at the Los Angeles Convention Center August 7-9, 2012.

Deadline is a hassle-free render queue management solution that offers a host of options for render farms of all sizes, and the flexibility to run the software on the industry’s widest range of platforms and rendering packages. The latest version of the popular tool enhances user performance and lays the foundation for the next generation of render management capabilities.

Key new features in Deadline 6.0 include:

  • Redesigned GUI: New interface allows efficient and complete control over how data is viewed and the data is constantly live so there is almost zero refresh delay.
  • Back-end Flexibility: Redesigned back-end architecture supports multiple database models for broad scalability and data security.
  • Cloud Support: Integrates with third party cloud services so users can now directly control and manipulate remote slave renderers.
  • Improved Cross-Platform Compatibility: Completely revised interface across all platforms enables a consistent, robust and flexible user experience across Linux, Windows and Mac OS

For more information, please visit the website.

Blackmagic Design Acquires Assets of Cintel International

Blackmagic Design announced the acquisition of the assets of Cintel International, one of the world’s leading researchers, designers and manufacturers of motion picture film scanners.

Through this acquisition, following the liquidation of Cintel International earlier in 2012, Blackmagic Design has acquired the intellectual property and all aspects of Cintel’s entire portfolio of film scanning products. This includes all of the IP, name and brand ownership and product development rights for the Cintel diTTo and dataMill digital scanners lines, URSA, C-Reality, DSX, and Millennium telecine lines as well as imageMill data management products.

Service and support for existing Cintel customers will be handled by UK based Cine Solutions Ltd. and US based Cine Solutions Inc. Both are independent of Blackmagic Design and will supply replacement parts and repairs, provide expert engineering services as well as 24/7 maintenance help line to all users of equipment previously manufactured and supplied by Cintel International.

Digital Production Buzz – July 26, 2012

  • Shooting a Baseball Documentary in the Dominican Republic
  • Color Correction Tips
  • Sorenson Improves Sorenson 360
  • AJA KONA Cards Now Support Thunderbolt
  • Hands-on with the MacBook Pro with Retina Display

GUESTS: Jon Paley, Steve Hullfish, Eric Quanstrom, Bryce Button, and Ned Soltz


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New interviews every week! Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton as they talk with:

Jon Paley, Co-Director, Baseball: Pelotero

In 2009, Jon Paley and a small team of documentary filmmakers traveled to the Dominican Republic to shoot a documentary about the high-stakes, high-pressure world of scouting and signing professional baseball players; kids who were just turning 16. His film is called Baseball: Pelotero and opened July 13 in New York and Los Angeles. This week, we talk with Jon about his four-year project, the gear he used, what he learned, and how he’s bringing it to market.

Steve Hullfish, Creative Director, Verascope Pictures

Noted author and colorist, Steve Hullfish, the Creative Director of Verascope Pictures, recently released his book: “The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction.” This week, we talk with Steve about the process of color grading with some tips for colorists that want to get better in their craft.

Eric Quanstrom, COO, Sorenson Media

This week, Sorenson Media updated Sorenson 360 – their online media management and distribution network – with a highly integrated review and approval process. We talk with Eric Quanstrom, COO of Sorenson Media, about why Sorenson 360 is so important to the company, the new features they added, how they’ve improved the security of the service, and a typical workflow editors can use to speed the review process.

Bryce Button, Product Marketing Manager, AJA Video Systems

This week, AJA Video Systems announced that their KONA cards fully supported the Sonnet Thunderbolt expansion chassis. This means that editors using computers that don’t allow adding PCIe cards – think iMacs and laptops – can now access KONA technology. But, there seemed a bigger story here, so we invited Bryce Button, Product Marketing Manager for AJA Video Systems to talk about what this new technology does, why development of Thunderbolt devices is taking so long, and speculate on where this technology is going in the future.

Ned Soltz, Contributing Editor, Digital Video magazine

OK. Just like everyone else, we’ve been lusting after the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. But, what are they REALLY like? And who has one? Duh… Our favorite technology wizard – Ned Soltz, contributing editor for Digital Video magazine. So, we asked Ned to give us his impressions on the new hardware. (He’s about to write this up for the magazine, but we figured you’d rather hear about it here, first.)

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Announcing NewBlue ColorFast

With ColorFast, NewBlueFX created a one-stop shop where editors can do both color correction and color grading in the same workflow. It’s versatile, easy to set up, and intuitive.

With an integrated workflow native to the non-linear editor (NLE), users will be able to quickly solve for primary corrections across the entire image while achieving secondary corrections in specific areas.

Our Spectra Color Isolating Technology lets users define regions and actively isolate those pixels for precise control over color adjustments. ColorFast’s ability to isolate luminance regions and specific color values allows for features like Skin Preservation while users make more extreme color corrections in the same region.

All of ColorFast’s special features are designed with one goal in mind: to speed up workflow.

To find out more, click here.

Nikon D800 Camera Kits by Chrosziel

As a manufacturer of professional camera accessories, Chrosziel develops solutions for the latest product innovations. Chrosziel presents two accessory kits for the brand-new Nikon D800, which already has found widespread acclaim even before market release.

StudioRig Plus Kit Nikon D800 is the starter kit. It contains 206-60S Studio Rig Plus, complete unit with gear wheel mod. 0.8 (206-142), Flexible Gear ring 206-30 for lenses with 60-90mm diameter, LWS light weight support 401-421N for the Nikon D800.

SR Plus + MB Kit Nikon D800 is the advanced kit. In addition to the starter kit‘s components it contains Mattebox 450-R20 with 410-80P Insertring Ø 110:80 mm (24mm tube), and DSLR hand grip 3300.

For more information, visit the website.

The Foundry Releases CS6 Compatible Plug-ins

The Foundry is pleased to announce the release of CAMERATRACKER 1.0v4 and KRONOS 5.0v3 now updated with complete CS6 compatibility.


Loving the power of having camera tracking inside of After Effects with CS6? Enhance workflow with a fully fledged solution offering comprehensive refinement options as well as extensive lens distortion correction to give the best tracks possible.


This Hollywood quality CUDA GPU accelerated retiming plug-in remains the fastest tool available for retiming, speed-ramping, time-remapping and slow-motion effects.

For more information, visit the website.

AJA KONA Thunderbolt Drivers Offer Compatibility with Sonnet’s Thunderbolt Expansion Products

AJA Video Systems announced the compatibility of its KONA family of professional video solutions with Sonnet Technologies Inc.’s family of PCIe Thunderbolt expansion chassis. The joint effort allows video professionals to simultaneously tap the processing power and flexible conversion capability of AJA KONA hardware, and the enhanced computer performance and connectivity of the Sonnet expansion chassis.

AJA’s KONA 3G, KONA LHi and KONA LHe Plus enable capture, display and mastering solutions for a wide range of projects from SD to HD, 2K and 4K. Sonnet’s Thunderbolt expansion products for PCIe cards, including the Echo Express line and xMac mini Server, provide external PCIe expansion slots via the high-speed Thunderbolt connection to systems that otherwise would not have PCIe expansion capabilities. A second Thunderbolt port on the Sonnet chassis allows daisy chaining to other Thunderbolt devices.

Find out more at the AJA website.

Introducing mLooks for DaVinci Resolve

Save time by using custom-made looks! It’s inexpensive and easy to use.

Find out more here.