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Red Giant & CrumplePop Release New FCPX Retrograde and Carousel

Red Giant and CrumplePop have combined forces to create a pair a of FCPX-ready ways to give your film a vintage look and feel.

Retrograde gives you the look of real 8mm and 16mm film stocks – right inside Final Cut Pro X. By simply dragging and dropping Retrograde onto your clip, you can quickly create the iconic look of Cold War-era home movies. Real analog source material was used to create the unique film textures in Retrograde, which means that you can create the true color, grain, and damage of old 8mm and 16mm films.

By creating laser scans of old, commonly used film stocks, Retrograde is able to capture the actual grain patterns, color profiles, and exposure flaws in old Kodak and Fuji film. When you apply Retrograde to your clip in Final Cut Pro X, what you are seeing is actual film texture – a look that is impossible to create from scratch digitally. The robotic-looking contrast and color space of digital video disappears, and the milky, faded, and bizarrely punchy look of old 8mm and 16mm film emerges. After dragging and dropping and making a few adjustments, you might do a double take as your footage is transformed into something that belongs to another era.

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Carousel makes it easy to apply vintage camera looks to your footage, so users can capture the classic look of color cross-processing, film fading, and vignettes. Authenticity was key in development. Each look was created using film prints from a toy camera and 120 film, with care taken to preserve the color profile and unique flaws in the prints that came back from the lab. On top of that, Carousel features optically-captured light leaks to complete the unique feel of using a vintage plastic camera. By simply dragging and dropping Carousel on to your clip, you can create classic, stylish effects.

Nearly every detail in Carousel is customizable, from the color and flicker of the light leak to the style and size of the vignette. If you like, you can customize the color, light leaks, fading, and vignette to your liking to create hundreds of different looks. With Carousel you can capture the exact look you need for your project.

Carousel works with Final Cut Pro X only.

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