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2012 ETE Buzz Report – Show 1 (11/07/12)

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Mark Anderson
Account Executive

Live from the Entertainment Technology Expo, we talk with Mark Anderson, Account Executive for G-Technology about their new line of drives specifically designed for media creators, as well as their recent “Driven Creativity” contest. Why did they do it and who won?

Jose Larios
Sales and Marketing
Libec Sales of America

Libec provides professional award-winning, user-friendly tripods, camera heads, and a wide variety of other camera gear. Jose Larios, Director of Sales and Marketing for Libec, stops by our booth at the Entertainment Technology Expo to showcase new equipment for the filmmaker.

Greg LaPorte
VP Sales and Marketing
Sonnet Technologies

Sonnet makes leading-edge storage systems, high-speed media readers, and Thunderbolt expansion products for production and post-production. Greg LaPorte visits our booth at the Entertainment Technology Expo in Burbank, CA, to tell us about some of their latest Thunderbolt products.

Timothy Decker
Director of Marketing and Advertising
Alan Gordon Enterprises

For 65 years, Alan Gordon Enterprises has made the Academy-Award-winning Director’s Viewfinder. Their current version is Mark Vb. We decided that the best way to show a viewfinder is to describe it on radio, so Timothy Decker, Director of Marketing and Advertising for Alan Gordon, stops by to give us the details.


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