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Digital Production Buzz – Nov. 29, 2012

  • World-Class Motion Graphics
  • Union Organizing on the Hobbit Set
  • Tour de France Documentary
  • The Latest News on the Latest Plug-ins
  • SPECIAL REPORT: Government Video Expo 2012

GUESTS: Bradley “Gmunk” Munkowitz, Navarro Parker, Jonathan Handel, John Dower, and Michelle Yamazaki

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New interviews every show! Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton this week as they talk with:

Navarro Parker, Motion Graphics Animator  —  and  —
“Gmunk” Munkowitz, Design Director

The latest James Bond film, “Skyfall,” captured the attention of movie-goers around the world, and inspired other to emulate its effects. Recently, Sony created “Mouse and Cat,” a TV, print and web-based campaign which leverages the James Bond franchise. Two leads of the effects team that created the broadcast commercial join us this week to talk about their work: Navarro Parker and Bradley “Gmunk” Munkowitz. We want to learn what they they did, the tools they used, and how they went about planning their effects. This will be an exciting interview.

Michele Yamazaki, VP – Marketing, ToolFarm

Our favorite plug-in-ologist, Michele Yamazaki, VP of Marketing for ToolFarm, joins us again this week to share her latest findings on new plug-ins for filmmakers and editors. After a long quiet period, suddenly there are lots of new plug-ins getting released. Michele has the latest news on all the cool tools as she explains on this week’s show.

John Dower, Filmmaker, “Bradley Wiggins – A Year in Yellow”

Filmmaker John Dower spent a year producing a documentary about the Tour de France and its winner, Bradley Wiggins. The film, “Bradley Wiggins – A Year in Yellow,” has just been released to the festival circuit. John joins us this week to tell us more about his film, and why he decided to make it.

Jonathan Handel, Entertainment Labor Reporter, The Hollywood Reporter

When activists tried to unionize New Zealand actors on The Hobbit, they knew it wouldn’t be easy. In fact, New Zealand has the world’s only non-union English-language film business. In his book, The New Zealand Hobbit Crisis, reporter Jonathan Handel covered the negotiations and the repercussions. Jonathan joins us this week to tell us about the negotiations, the results and the book that chronicles all of it.

SPECIAL REPORT: Government Video Expo 2012, Washington, DC.

This week, the annual Government Video Expo is going in Washington, DC. On this week’s show, we have three interviews with some of the keynote speakers:

  • Katie Snider, Executive Producer, “Oceans Today,” NOAA
  • Kevin Beverley, Chief – Army Television
  • Hope Hall, White House Videographer

For all our interviews from GV Expo, 2012, see our special coverage here.

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