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VITEC Releases World’s First SxS XDCAM HD422 Field Deck Recorder

The Focus FS-T2001 is the world’s first Dual SxS XDCAM HD422 field deck recorder dedicated to streamline your Sony XDCAM workflow. This latest VITEC recorder is being used by major broadcasters worldwide.

The Focus FS-T2001 offers a professional field solution for those looking to:

  • Expand your production workflow with solid state media
  • Record any SDI input video in Sony XDCAM EX/HD/HD422 up to 50Mbps
  • Improve your productivity while reducing the cost of field storage
  • Enable easy access to your media for browsing, editing and sharing
  • Add XDCAM recording confidence in the field

Key Features of the Focus FS-T2001:

  • Dual PC Express slot for SxS and SDHC adapter
  • Extra long recording, up to 8 hours continuously in 50Mbps on the 250GB internal HDD and infinite recording using removable media
  • 250GB internal HDD for storage and backup of your content
  • Access recorded content (FTP/CIFS) and easily share remotely via the ultra-fast 1Gbps Ethernet Port
  • Playback your stored clips over SDI/HDMI in either native or downscaled resolution (HD to SD conversion for SD transmission needs)
  • SDI in/out, HDMI out, and Composite out connections
  • Integrated LCD for menus, live monitoring, and clip playback


The Focus FS-T2001 is available now from VITEC’s worldwide network of dealers.

Click for more information about VITEC’s Focus FS-T2001.


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