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Event Manager X 1.2: Take Control of Your FCPX Library

From its simple beginning as the first third-party Final Cut Pro X application, Event Manager X has evolved into a complete Event and Project Library management tool. The 1.2 release adds Sets: saved combinations of Events and Projects for instant reload based around projects or clients.

By default Final Cut Pro X will show you all Events and Projects on all mounted storage devices. Apple offer a manual answer in their support document “Final Cut Pro X: Hiding Events in the Event Library,” but there is no way to keep track of Events or Projects not visible or on unmounted storage devices, nor any way to quickly bring up a Set combination of Events and Projects that match a particular job, or are related to the one client.

Event Manager X does all this and much more. You see the full state of the mounted storage devices, including hidden Events and Projects; see the Events and Projects on unmounted storage devices; and have the ability to control combinations of Events and Projects as Sets for easy reconfiguring between ongoing projects or clients.

Event Manager X allows you to:

  • Quickly manage which Events and Projects are visible using simple checkboxes
  • Filter through your library to find specific Events or Projects
  • Use Sets to recall combinations of related Events and Projects (by job or by client)
  • Keep track of hidden (but mounted) Events and Projects
  • Keep track of unmounted Events and Projects
  • View date created for all Events and Projects in Event Manager X
  • See folder label colors applied in the Finder to Event and Library folders
  • Check that all storage devices that hold needed Events are correctly mounted
  • Detects and warns the user about permissions problems on external storage devices
  • Switch from vertical view matching Final Cut Pro X, or horizontal view to better use widescreen real estate.
  • Never suffer the embarrassment of an Event or Project showing to the wrong client
  • Launch Final Cut Pro X faster with fewer active Events in the Event Library

Event Manager X 1.2 is a free update for all Event Manager X customers.

Event Manager X is also available for purchase.


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