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Digital Production Buzz — Jan. 10, 2013

  • Toon-Boom Animation Captivates CES
  • Converting 2D video to 3D video
  • What to do when your hard drive dies, besides screaming
  • Archiving assets for hundreds of years
  • CES Update – What you need to know now

GUESTS: Steven Chu, Dmitriy Vatolin, Chris Bross, Doug Hansen, and Cirina Catania

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New interviews every show! Join Larry Jordan and Michael Horton this week as they talk with:

Steven Chu, COO, Toon Boom Animation

Steven Chu is the COO of Toon Boom Animation, a highly-respected Emmy-Award-winning software company. He’s currently at CES, showcasing some of their latest products. We want to talk to him about what’s new, and where he sees the animation industry going in 2013.

Dmitriy Vatolin, CEO, YUVsoft

YUVsoft started ten years ago as a software developer based in Moscow, focused on video. Recently, they branched out into a new market – converting 2D images into stereoscopic 3D images. We talk with company founder and CEO, Dmitriy Vatolin, about what got him started, their clients, and the products they offer.

Chris Bross, Strategic Technical Alliances Manager, DriveSavers

One of the worst feelings in the world is discovering your hard drive crashed and took all your files with it. DriveSavers specializes in getting your data back. In this interview from the recent Storage Visions conference in Las Vegas, we talk with Chris Bross, Strategic Technical Alliances Manager at Drive Savers, about what to do when your hard drive dies and how they go about recovering crashed SSD drives.

Dr. Doug Hansen, CTO, Millenniata

We’ve known for a while that CDs and DVDs don’t store data indefinitely. But, until recently, they were our only options for low-cost archiving. Now, a new company – MDisc – has created a modified version of a DVD that etches your data into stone, using off-the-shelf DVD burners. And, according to the company, they offer a shelf-life of hundreds of years! We spoke with Doug Hansen, CTO at Millenniata, the makers of MDisc, at the recent Storage Visions conference in Las Vegas to discover the secret behind their products.

Cirina Catania, Producer, Digital Production Buzz

This week, more than 200,000 geeks descended upon Las Vegas for the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) event. Our producer, Cirina Catania, was part of the mob. She’s been taking notes like crazy and joins us this week to share her take on what’s new and what’s dead at CES.

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