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Digital Production Buzz — May 16, 2013

  • Managing Metadata Across a World-wide Team
  • Training Editors in Smoke and Flame
  • “Inside the Cutting Room” Master Class
  • The 10 Worst College Majors???

GUESTS: Frank Huerta, Sibille Cooney, Josh Apter, and Jessica Sitomer

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New interviews every show! Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton LIVE this week as they talk with:

Frank Huerta, Co-founder/CEO, TransLattice

Managing metadata is a challenge, but managing metadata when you have team members all over the world contributing to the content of a project is scary difficult. TransLattice developed an award-winning neural network, allowing major producers to breathe a bit easier. Their CEO, and co-founder, Frank Huerta joins us to explain how it works.

Sibille Cooney, Post-production and Training Consultant, SmokeFlame Academy

Sibille Cooney is a Post-Production and Training Consultant for the SmokeFlame Academy and an expert in Smoke and Flame, supporting major clients, such as Disney, Fox, CBS, and Technicolor. We interviewed her recently about the challenges in training editors to use new software.

Josh Apter, Founder and President, Manhattan Edit Workshop

Manhattan Edit Workshop is planning an event on June 8th in NYC featuring some of the industry’s most innovative and successful editors. It’s called “Inside the Cutting Room – Sight, Sound, and Story.” Manhattan Edit Workshop founder, Josh Apter, tells us about the event and provides some free tickets for BuZZ listeners!

Jessica Sitomer, President, The Greenlight Coach

Picture the scene: A student is planning for college, trying to decide what to major in. Then, they read a recent Forbes article listing the 10 Worst College Majors. And, guess what, Filmmaking is #2! Sheesh… We knew the industry had problems, but are they THAT bad?? Jessica Sitomer, President of The Greenlight Coach talks with Larry and Mike about what this means, and how college students can best plan their future.

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