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Digital Production Buzz — May 9, 2013

  • Adobe Answers Questions About Subscriptions
  • Covering News with Mobile Technology
  • Splice Vine: The Fundamentals of the Editing Craft
  • Shooting the Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  • Hollywood IT Talks Metadata

GUESTS: Bill Roberts, Jason Diamond, Josh Diamond, Eric Wise, Gary Symons, and Philip Hodgetts

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New interviews every show! Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton LIVE this week as they talk with:

Bill Roberts, Director, Audio/Video Product Management, Adobe Systems, Inc.

Last Monday, Adobe announced Creative Cloud upgrades to all their products with a shift to subscription pricing for their software. And many users went ballistic. In many ways, the reaction reminded us of the response to Apple’s release of Final Cut Pro X. Bill Roberts, Director of Product Management of Audio and Video Products for Adobe Systems, joins us this week to answer questions about their new pricing model, why Adobe did it and what the benefits are to users. Join us on the Live Chat and ask some questions yourself.

Jason and Josh Diamond, Directors, The Diamond Brothers

Sesame Street’s latest YouTube videos were shot with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera over a four-day period in New York City, then colored using DaVinci Resolve. Jason and Josh Diamond, directors at The Diamond Brothers, are seasoned filmmakers. Why did they choose this camera and how well did it work? (Besides, we want to know what it’s REALLY like to work with Cookie Monster?!?)

Eric Wise, Founder, Splice Vine

Eric Wise is the Founder of Splice Vine. Eric launched Splice Vine as a resource for content creators looking for a unique take on video post-production. His website, newsletter and podcast explore the fundamentals and future of the editorial craft from a different point of view. Splice Vine describes itself as a “context engine.” This week, we’ll find out what that means.

Gary Symons, President & Co-founder, VeriCorder Technology, Inc.

Gary Symons is a former field reporter for CBC News in Canada, who left the CBC in 2009 and founded VeriCorder Technology. Last week we talked with Gary about his new FindStringers website. We invited him back because there was so much more we wanted to talk about. How is news gathered in an Internet world? How can you be sure a citizen journalist knows how to be accurate? How can small companies gather news from around the world on a budget? We were fascinated by our first conversation with Gary last week and are looking forward to talking with him again.

Philip Hodgetts, CEO, Intelligent Assistance

This week was the Hollywood IT Summit, which is an opportunity to learn how the big studios are using technology. At the conference, metadata was front-and-center, so who better to explain what it means for the rest of us than Philip Hodgetts, the CEO of Intelligent Assistance and a regular contributor to The Buzz on technical issues.

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