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MovieType Lite Now Available

Introducing MovieType Lite – a collection of presets and tools for creating professional, movie trailer-style graphics fast in newly released Cinema 4D Lite. With MovieType Lite, the popular MovieType tools are now available to all Adobe After Effects CC users.

Developed by John Dickinson and Brett Morris, MovieType Lite provides users with the key tools needed for creating dynamic, easy-to-make type animations. MovieType Lite includes over 230 professionally designed presets for blockbuster movie style looks.

The MovieType Lite package includes over 230 presets, plus a range of tools which fast track type design and animation in Cinema 4D Lite including: five type tools (Position, Rotation, Scale, Randomness), four camera rigs (Dolly, Arc, Helix, Rectangle), two light setups (Three Point, Light Sweep), Seamless Floor, Background Scene, Reflective Sky and Material Setup.

Additionally, upon purchase and installation, all users gain access to twenty-two video tutorials hosted by co-creator and expert trainer, John Dickinson, that cover all basics plus many general Cinema 4D techniques.

Stephen Panicara, motion graphics artist at renowned design studio ‘Capacity’ designed the latest promo for MovieType Lite using only the tools available and will be releasing future tutorials, sharing his insights and workflow. Stay tuned for further info on

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