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Ross Video Gives SneaK Peek Of IBC 2013 Products

Ross Video has grown dramatically over the past year with an expanded EMEA team. At IBC, Ross will be showing a complete range of new products and solutions this year that make the Ross stand a must see. Here’s a preview of some of the things to expect from Ross at the show.

DashBoard Control & Monitoring

Version 6.0 sees DashBoard mature into an open control platform enabling users to quickly build unique, tailored CustomPanels designed to make complex operations simple.DashBoard now provides control and monitoring to hundreds of products from over 50 partners within the openGear, openGearConnect ecosystem, and of course, most Ross Video products. DashBoard’s ability to craft application specific solutions across this breadth of products is what makes version 6.0 so special.

Vision Tritium Series Production Switchers

Introducing Vision Tritium – 3 MLE Production Switchers with Vision Octane production power. Tritium combines the stunning Vision Octane feature set within an incredibly budget sensitive new package.

A full 3 MLE modular production switcher with 48 x 32 Multi-Definition inputs and outputs, 6 real 3D DVEs, 16 channels of internal MediaStores, 16 keyers, UltraChrome chroma keys, built in dual head MultiViewers, massive external device control and much more all wrapped up inside a very affordable package.

The Tritium processing engine is matched up to a stunning Vision series modular 3 MLE panel with your choice of 24 or 32 direct access crosspoint buttons, featuring our cool Ross PanelGlow RGB buttons and DualDisplay touch screen menu system. Tritium is also fully upgradeable and will accept standard Vision Octane components.

With Tritium there is no basic package – no options necessary, a Tritium system is fully loaded.

Vision Series Production Switchers

New 1080p (3G) processing technology has been added to our flagship Vision Octane series of Production Switchers. Built on the standard Octane production engine but with new state-of-the-art FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) devices that allow 1080p production without compromise.

Vision Octane 3G not only accommodates 1080p /50 or 60 production but also adds dual 2D DVE resizers with combiner to every MLE key as well as two more DVE channels for transitions. This makes it possible to create 8 box shots on every MLE in the system and transition them dynamically. In addition, Vision Octane 3G has significantly expanded MLE MediaStores, each MLE now has 8Gb of storage for still and animated graphic playout.

Vision Octane 3G is shipping as of IBC 2013.

Carbonite Series Production Switchers

Introducing the Carbonite C2S, a new 24 button 2 ME panel forCarbonite incorporating individual ME Effects Memory keypads. The C2S has all of the features of the very popular C2M panel and adds ME effects memory controls in addition to the standard global controls. This new panel brings the number of Carbonitepanel choices to 7, continuing the expansion of this rapidly evolving product line.

Carbonite eXtreme

Carbonite eXtreme is a truly revolutionary production tool with all of the horsepower of Carbonite wrapped inside a highly configurable signal routing and management system. It can be configured with any Carbonitecontrol panel and NK router panels and when combined with ourXPression graphics systems, BlackStorm playout servers and ourDashBoard control systems, you have a complete ‘state of the art’ production system with full signal management. Nothing like this has ever been seen before, it is a real game changer.

Carbonite eXtreme merges production switching with signal routing and distribution in the same chassis, this combination simplifies installation and operation immensely while also offering huge cost savings. The eXtreme chassis can be configured with an I/O of up to 144 x 144 in increments of 8 and internally houses the award winning Carbonite production switcher. With eXtreme, it is now simple to manage complex productions across multiple output destinations.

NK Series Routing Systems

The affordable NK Series video, audio and machine control routing solutions will be shown at IBC. The 64×64 chassis and 72×72 chassis are now 3G, making the entire video matrix line up from 16×4 to 144×144 all 3G.

Master Control System

The MC1 – simple, robust and affordable Master Control System has taken the industry by storm in its first year. Integrated DVE for squeeze back, increased multi-channel operation with enhanced graphics capability and extended EAS interfaces are just a few of the new extras for the MC1 this year.


openGear, the open frame standard backed by multiple vendors and deployed by many customers, continues to lead the market with Ross showcasing the third generation OG3 frame with three times the power capacity coupled with dedicated GigE buses to every slot plus many more features. openGear is a must see at IBC.

New openGear products range from a new family of distribution amplifiers fully compliant to 3G offering single, dual and quad configurations with the option of high density HD BNC or standard BNC I/O to a new family of Fiber conversions for Ethernet over Fiber in single, dual, and triple configurations.


The GearLite line has grown substantially with the addition of SDI to Fiber conversions with both LC and ST connectivity, 3G distribution and audio MUX/DMX.

OverDrive Automated Production Control System

OverDrive, the world’s leading APC system, now works with third party vision mixers. Ross has long been the industry leader in third party device control and has now added vision mixers to the ever growing list of controllable devices. In addition, v14.0 offers a re-engineered newsroom plug-in that streamlines the preparation process, allowing productions to get to air faster, with less effort and fewer mistakes. Version 14.0 also adds customer driven features like trailing audio support, color coding to easily identify incoming MOS elements, automated multi-platform publishing, and a remote database option for multi-site production.

Inception Social Media Management

Inception Social Media Management allows clients to take control of social media, providing a single tool to create, publish and incorporate content from Twitter, Facebook or the web into productions. Inception adds new social features and workflow enhancements for IBC. Inception social publishing now includes Flickr as a destination. For incoming social content, Inception now supports feeds from both Flickr and Mass Relevance while supporting image upload in Inception Playlists. New workflow tools include additional shortcut keys and a powerful blacklisted words filter.

Virtual Sets & Augmented Reality

Ross once again raises the bar in trade show floor productions with Ross World Sport, a 10-minute sport-themed live show that showcases virtual sets and augmented reality. Using a whole catalog of Ross products, including XPression Real-Time Motion Graphics, Furio Robotic Camera Systems,OverDrive Automated Production Control, Vision Production Switchers, Inception Social Media Management, openGear Delay Cards, BlackStorm Video Servers, and Unreel UX Touchscreen Control, customers will be able to see the new “reality” of virtual production.

New this year is the incorporation of a hard-set element from partner, Erector Sets, Inc. This practical set allows for better visualization of augmented reality, which is defined as adding virtual elements to an existing physical set. In addition, there is seamless integration between the hard set and a green-screen virtual set wing, also designed by Erector Sets. This illustrates how a small set in a small studio can be expanded, virtually, to a much larger on-air environment.

XPression Real-time Motion Graphics

XPression continues its evolution as the new standard in real-time motion graphics at IBC 2013. Version 5.0 brings a whole host of new products and software releases that give enhanced functionality and more graphics horsepower to XPression users at all levels.

The most significant enhancement to XPression at IBC this year is the new FX Engine. This new effects framework allows users to enhance real-time 3D animation with powerful post effects, such as – motion blur, light rays, warps, wipes, custom drop shadows, and more. The FX Engine also adds depth-of-field and lens distortion to make virtual sets and augmented reality even more believable.

XPression Connect is a new social media player application that provides the missing link between moderated message feeds and on-air graphics playout. User can “connect” to multiple data streams and instantly turn them into on-air playlists, or drag and drop selected messages into custom playlists. There are options to crawl or tick the items and also whether or not to use avatar images. Connect includes support for the most popular social media providers, including Mass Relevance and Ross Inception.

XPression Prime GO! Is a new edition of XPression that supports Thunderbolt-enabled laptops and external video I/O devices for the ultimate in portable real-time graphics solutions. Prime GO! outputs video, key, and audio directly to video switchers without lossy compression. It’s also frame accurate for incorporation into complex switcher effects with RossTalk, P-bus, or GPI protocols.

IBC 2013 also sees the release of a new 64-bit XPression NLE plug-in. The updated software allows editors to have full access to XPression templates, edit text, and replace graphics, all from the latest 64-bit editing applications.

For the sport world, the XPression DataLinq Server now supports enhanced Excel, XML, and database connectivity, which provides the ability to lookup players by record number or user-definable data keys, without creating hundreds of pages with hard links. Data Pages also allow users to “pop” data into on-air templates on-the-fly.

There are several enhancements to MOS news workflow this year, too. Version 5.2 of the Ross VideoSignature Series by MediaBeacon asset/order management system offers a number of new features, including the ability to play XPression video clip proxies directly in the browser and checkerboard pattern alpha channel visualization. The new XPression Desktop Preview Server also enables operators to see previews of any number of XPression systems on the network in one user-configurable screen.

Furio and CamBot Robotic Camera Systems

Both Furio and CamBot will be showing at this year’s IBC including the new VR-600 Robotic Head and FRO-600 Furio System which provides a higher payload, quieter, rail-based system with tracking output for Augmented Reality and Virtual Sets.

Also showing is the new Ross Legislative Control System (LCS) which will be shown controlling the CamBot 500 Series. In a legislative environment, the LCS steers cameras, switches video and audio and brings up graphics all automatically via a simple touch screen user interface. The interface is very visual and is customizable to the exact layout required.

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