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Avid Demonstrates Commitment to Open, Integrated Solutions with NewBlueFX

For the first time Avid has bundled NewBlue Titler Pro 1.0 with Media Composer 7. Media Composer 7 was built on an open media platform, allowing Avid to work with developers and continually make enhancements to the industry’s leading nonlinear video editing solution. Now Media Composer 7 with NewBlue Titler Pro provides world-class titles within any creative project and enables users to create 2D and 3D titles quickly. NewBlue Titler Pro is a fast and professional solution to create advanced text animations with ease, helping users to make feature-rich titles without the complexity of other titling software.

Additionally, NewBlue Titler Pro 2.0 is now available and takes the ground-breaking efficiency of the original Titler Pro and adds stunning visual appeal and sophistication through:

  • 3D custom bevels
  • Multiple light sources
  • True motion blur

Click for more information about NewBlue Titler Pro.



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