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Atomos Ships Spyder Color Calibration

Atomos, the creator of the award-winning camera mounted recorders Ninja-2 and Samurai and the pocket-sized Connect converters, have announced that the Spyder calibration tool is now shipping. Priority sales will be given to pre-orders and general stock will be available through Atomos Worldwide reseller network.

Developed in partnership with New Jersey based Datacolor the Atomos Spyder gives Samurai Blade one button color calibration normally only found on high end monitors. With Spyder, the Samurai Blade gains the ability to accurately calibrate to the SMPTE Rec 709 color space with a D65 white point with 100% gamut and is fully customisable after calibration.

Atomos Spyder features:

  • Extreme precision 7 sensor calibration
  • USB to LANC serial control unit included for automatic calibration.
  • Calibrate to 6500K ITU-Rec709 white point with delta-E better than 2 down to 20% grey
  • User adjustments of lift, gain and gamma per channel after initial calibration
  • Can be used as a standard calibration unit for any monitor or computer (provided Datacolor software is purchased from their website).

The Atomos Spyder has initially been developed for the Samurai Blade with implementation on other Atomos recorders available soon.

Samurai Blade includes the world leading, now fully color calibratable, 5″ SuperAtom IPS touchscreen with amazing 1280×720 325PPI resolution and the simple and intuitive AtomOS with a suite of set-up tools – waveform, RGB, Luma Parade and Vectorscope – as well as essential monitor assist functions – Focus Assist, Zebra, Blue Only Exposure and False Color. Samurai Blade allows the recording of pristine, 10-bit images straight from the camera sensor directly to inexpensive HDD or SSD drives, captured using the Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD codec. Instantly play back to review recording, in/out cut edit (with meta-data tagging) and create .FCPXML projects for fast edit integration.


The Windows compatible version of the Atomos Spyder is currently shipping and is available through the Atomos Worldwide reseller network. A Mac compatible version is in development.

Click for more information about Atomos Ship Spyder Color Calibration.


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