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Evening Report from the 2014 NAB Show – Day 7 (04/13/2014)

GUESTS: Ric Viers, Bob Zelan, Devon Cook, Steve Modica, James Lambert-Knott, Martin Tlaskal, Ross Kanarek, and Patrick Morgan

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Join Larry Jordan, from the NAB 2014 show floor, as he talks with:

Ric Viers, Sound Designer, Blastwave FX

Larry Jordan talks with Ric Viers, Sound Designer for Blastwave FX. BlastwaveFX is a high definition sound effects company. They just created SonaPedia 3.0, a sound effects library with over 40,000 high definition recordings.

Bob Zelan, Chief Technology Officer, Maxx Digital
Devon Cook, Workflow Specialist, Maxx Digital

Larry Jordan sits down with Bob Zelan and Devon Cook from Maxx Digital. Maxx Digital supplies storage solutions for the entertainment industry for editing, graphics, and production. They provide shared storage environments for post production and graphics industry for macs.

Steve Modica, Chief Technology Officer, Small Tree

Larry Jordan sits down with Steve Modica, Chief Technology Officer for Small Tree, to talk about shared storage. Steve explains Small Tree’s affordable shared storage solutions and technical expertise, which makes them stand out in the crowd.

James Lambert-Knott, Technical Director, Take 1 Transcription

Larry Jordan talks with James Lambert-Knott, Technical Director for Take 1 Transcription. Take 1 provides verbatim transcripts, post production scripts, closed cations, subtitles and other metatdata for productions. They are working on a new product built for editors and producers and it allows them to quickly do a search through their transcripts to create a story.

Martin Tlaskal, Head of Development, FilmLight

Larry Jordan sits down with Martin Tlaskal, Lead Developer for FilmLight, to talk about color grading and color grading software. Martin talks about FilmLight’s new color grading software and plug-ins for dailies and post production.

Ross Kanarek, Business Development Manager, Switronix, Inc.

Larry Jordan talks with Ross Kanarek, Business Development Manager for Switronix, Inc. Switronix is a power solution company for ENG news, film, and major motion pictures. They also do lighting and HD wireless transmission with their core business being batteries. They have released a hyper core lithium ion battery line for users that are using power hungry cameras.

Patrick Morgan, Product Manager, Digital Vision

Larry Jordan sits down with Patrick Morgan, Product Manager for Digital Vision. Digital Vision is a supplier of color grading, restoration and film scanning solutions for the broadcast. Morgan discusses Nucoda and Phoenix in depth.

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