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Producer’s Corner: September 25, 2014

I See the IBC and the BuZZ is There with Breaking News

This year was my first “in person” IBC and I walked away very impressed, not only with the quality of the exhibitors but also with a profound appreciation for the attendees, who seemed enthusiastic and polite on a level that we don’t quite see at NAB! If you can imagine 50,000 plus people all mingling with little fanfare and lots of concentration, that is IBC. No booths blaring louder than the next vying for attention and giving us headaches.


To set the record straight, I do love NAB and will continue to cover it for years to come, but it was nice to visit with all my favorite exhibitors without the cacophony of a football field after a touchdown!


Since there is so much coverage of the “majors,” I thought it would be fun to wander the halls looking for something interesting and new and… lo and behold, there were quite a few exhibitors with something unique to discuss.


You can visit the BuZZ here to hear any of the following interviews that aired on the 18th of September. And for the 25th of September show, check them out here.


One of the breaking news stories out of the gate at IBC was Blackmagic Design’s purchase of eyeon Software. Steve Roberts, CEO, talks with Larry about it on the September 18th BuZZ. This beloved compositing tool has been used on over 1,000 feature films and it fits like a glove when combined with other tools in the Blackmagic arena, namely DaVinci Resolve. The booth was BuZZing with folks wanting to take a look at Fusion 7.

Jim Geduldick, Cinema and Photo Marketing Manager at GoPro, braved the crowds to stand with me and talk about all their new gear and even gave us some tips about how to get better time lapses. I do apologize for the quality of the audio, as I was trying out a new shotgun mic that was not the best choice, but you will undoubtedly still find it interesting.

Over at the Freefly Systems booth, Sam Nuttmann let us know that the price on some of their more popular gimbals is dropping and that the M4 is shipping. Good news for all.

I love talking to executives who can give us an overview of the industry. Graham Sharp, SVP of Global Products at Vitec Videocom has been in the business for over thirty years and explains his take on why IBC is important and where he sees independent filmmakers and broadcast television going in the future.

I found a group of brilliant developers from Russia who have a company that is providing services to the news industry with the ability to stream live proxies and high res footage if the connection allows it. It is called (check it out on the web) and let the developer, Iakov Pustinlik know what you think. Impressive.

While I was covering this news, Philip Hodgetts of Lumberjack Systems grabbed the executives from Adobe: Steve Forde, Principal Product Manager, Visual Effects for the Creative Cloud and Alissa Johnson, Product Manager for Collaborative Workflows at Adobe Anywhere. Anyone involved in visual effects will certainly want to check it out on the BuZZ.

Of course, we are all total gear heads, right? So one of the first stops was to the Zeiss booth where Michael Schiehlen, Director of Sales and Service for Car Zeiss AG gave me a sneak peak at their new line of lenses specifically designed for my new Sony A7! (Saving pennies for all of these now.) This interview aired on the BuZZ on September 25th.

Speaking of the 25th, Tom Bassett interviews with Larry about a film he produced called, “Briefly,” that is being released for free viewing on the internet here on the 30th of September. Having grown up in the studio marketing sandbox, I particularly identify with the culture surrounding these infamous pitch briefs. Love ’em or hate ’em, this is one documentary you won’t want to miss.


One the eve of the National Labor Relations Board decision to order CNN to rehire more than 100 union technicians and compensate over 200 others, we were curious about what our legal correspondent, Jonathan Handel, might say about it. Jonathan is an Entertainment/Technology Attorney & Labor Reporter and the go-to person for us when we want in informed opinion. His interview is an eye-opener. See more from Jonathan Handel here.


And, Rollo Wenlock CEO and Founder of the new site, Wipster, talked to us about the importance of having an efficient and well-designed platform for Cloud-based media reviews. Wipster launched this week and the BuZZ was there to cover it. Oh, and did we tell you that it is free?


Coming up soon: The amazing 3D artists from Maxon!

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More photos from IBC:


Birdseye view of the SuperMeet



Ali Ahmadi of Lite Panels with BuZZ Producer Cirina Catania

Ali Ahmadi of Lite Panels with BuZZ Producer Cirina Catania

Michael Horton and Dan Berube

Michael Horton, Dan Berube, and friends

All photos taken by Cirina Catania

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