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Digital Production Buzz – December 25, 2014

  • Lighting Coldplay’s “Magic”
  • How to Market and Distribute a Documentary
  • Shooting for the Web with Panasonic PX270 Cameras

GUESTS: Pär M Ekberg, Kim Furst, and Matt Abourezk

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Join Larry Jordan and co-host Michael Horton as they talk with:

Pär M Ekberg, Cinematographer, Coldplay, “Magic”

Cinematographer Pär Ekberg chose a unique black and white look and stark lighting to achieve his goals for Coldplay’s viral video, “Magic.”

Kim Furst, Producer/Director, Kilo Foxtrot Films

Kim Furst is an award-winning documentary film producer, director and editor. Flying the Feathered Edge is Kim’s fifth aviation documentary. She is now distributing the film and this week we learn what’s working and what isn’t.

Matt Abourezk, Director/Photographer, Talkingbox Digital Media Group, Inc.

Director/Photographer Matt Abourezk chose the new Panasonic PX270 cameras for his productions. We’ll ask why and find out what makes this gear unique.

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