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Digital Production Buzz – April 30, 2015

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton as they talk with James Gardiner, Jess Hartmann, and Justin Thomson.

  • News from CinemaCon About Digital Exhibition
  • ProMAX Tools for Media Backup and Archive
  • A Young Filmmaker’s Take on NAB and SuperMeet

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Guests this Week

James Gardiner
James Gardiner, The CineTech Geek
James Gardiner, The CineTech Geek, produces a YouTube channel, called CineTechGeek, to help theaters transition from film to digital projection. His thirty-years in the industry have focused on software development for digital cinema and content preparation. He joins us this week to discuss the recent CinemaCon and trends in digital cinema.
Jess Hartmann
Jess Hartmann, CEO, ProMAX Systems
Jess Hartmann is the CEO of ProMAX, which has developed a series of products that enable backup and archive of valuable media assets. This week, he discusses techniques we can use to safely protect our precious media assets long into the future.
Justin Thomson
Justin Thomson, Founder, Ashridge Films
Justin Thomson is a actor, filmmaker and founder of Ashridge Films, with over 20 years of acting experience. However, until this year, he’s never attended NAB or the SuperMeet. He joins us in studio this week to share his reactions and insight on these two key industry events and what they mean to young filmmakers.
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