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“Live from Westlake Village” – The Renaissance of Larry Jordan

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 01, 2015

Larry Jordan & Associates, Inc. (LJA) is a multi-faceted company led by the highly-regarded producer, director, and editor Larry Jordan. LJA provides high-quality, engaging training and information covering video production and post-production for practicing professionals and students through a variety of media worldwide.

While LJA has been in business providing training for almost 12 years, 2015 may prove to be a banner year for LJA. Their growth has been exponential over the past few months, expanding their capabilities with the opening of a new video and audio recording studio in Westlake Village, CA – Digital Production BuZZ Studios – which provides a new home for Digital Production BuZZ. LJA has also launched a redesigned website – – to provide enhanced training for video post-production professionals and students, with an emphasis on Apple and Adobe software.

Some 20 years ago, DTS had constructed an audio studio as they developed a new way to deliver surround sound to movie theaters. This acoustically-treated studio was designed to maximize audio quality. LJA has spent the past four months updating that same space, adding video and lighting capabilities to the mix. The new studio – dubbed the Digital Production BuZZ Studio – is ideal for live webcasts, news and information programs, interviews, training, and other smaller video or audio projects.

The goal and key benefit of LJA’s entire system is live webcasting. From their new studio, they can stream live audio and, at the same time, live 1080p video anywhere in the world. This gives LJA the technical ability to respond to industry news almost immediately.

The studio has a list of features to be envied: four new Blackmagic Design Studio cameras with Manfrodo tripods and heads, two of which have teleprompters, Marshall Electronics Lipstick POV camera; an all-new lighting grid a 24-channel Leprecon lighting control system driving an ETC dimmer pack with lights from Hexolux, Source4, Mole-Richardson and Arri; a Behringer digital snake that supports thirty-two audio inputs and sixteen audio outputs, fed by a variety of mics including Electro-Voice RE-20s for voice work; and a 15′ projection screen with built-in theater speakers.

The control room is another engineering feat, with a 32-channel Behringer X32 Producer audio mixer, five Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck shuttles (digital recorders), a Blackmagic Design Teranex format converter, NewTek TalkShow Skype system, and a rack full of support gear. A 20-channel Blackmagic Design ATEM switcher handles all of LJA’s video sources: five cameras, two computers, a Skype feed, all feeding into a Telestream Wirecast system for graphics and streaming.

The lion’s share of the control room installation was performed by Advantage Video Systems (AVS). Jeffrey Stansfield, President of AVS and a 20-year veteran of the computer IT and motion picture industry, states: “The whole team at Advantage Video Systems had a great time helping Larry and his team make their vision a reality.”

The Digital Production BuZZ podcast – both video and audio – covers filmmaking, video production, post- production, and distribution worldwide. From the people creating the gear, to the people using it to create cutting-edge film and video projects, “these are the interviews you need to hear and can’t find anywhere else,” says Jordan. “Each show presents interesting guests and industry leaders, media news from the US and the rest of the world. Media is world-wide and we work hard to present guests from across the globe. Far beyond the ‘what, when and where’, we explore the ‘why’ behind today’s top stories in media and content creation.”

Produced by industry veteran Cirina Catania, Digital Production BuZZ is the longest-running weekly audio podcast covering media in the world, and the 2nd longest continuously-running audio podcast ever. This is an extraordinary accomplishment in and of itself, but Digital Production BuZZ has now made the substantial leap into video. With LJA’s new studio, the BuZZ produces a weekly live podcast, creating both an audio show and video show simultaneously. Guests can appear live from the studio, or remotely via Skype utilizing NewTek’s TalkShow VS-100 system. The TalkShow box allows for live Skype video calls to be routed in the control room like any other video source. Digital Production BuZZ Studios is one of the first adopters of this remarkable new technology.

The new LJA website offers a clean, modern design, easy-to-navigate functionality, and a content-rich site experience. In addition to a simplified and modern interface, the freshly-renovated site invites visitors to explore the full library containing thousands of Jordan’s training tutorials, as well as browse a brand-new online store featuring all of LJA’s wide range of training downloads, DVDs, webinars, accessories and more. The site’s Workshop & Events section spotlights the company’s various options for private/corporate training, including their brand-new on-line educational initiative, “Learn With Larry”, that allows students and educators around the world to invest in and customize the professional-caliber post production training skills that they’re looking for.

“As we continued adding new resources to our old website,” said Larry Jordan, President of Larry Jordan & Associates, Inc., “we realized that we needed to totally redesign the interface to make it easier for editors to find the answers they need. With over 1,000 technical articles, and more than 1,200 videos in our Video Training Library, there was so much information available that no one could sort through it fast or easily. My goal during this redesign was to provide faster access to exactly the answers you need, so editors can get back to work as quickly as possible.”

“We have made a dramatic but essential investment in our all of our properties,” says Jordan. “By expanding our offices to include an in-house video and audio studio, broadening Digital Production BuZZ’s offering to include video podcasts, and revamping our web presence to make our training resources even more accessible, we have taken a huge step into our future. We are very excited by everything that’s happening and hope you’ll join us.”

Jordan is an Apple-Certified trainer specializing in Apple’s Final Cut Pro, as well as the executive producer and host of the weekly interactive internet radio show and video podcast, Digital Production BuZZ, providing everything you need to know about digital media, production, post-production and distribution.


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