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Digital Production Buzz – May 14, 2015

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton as they talk with Mark August, Iain Richardson, and Seth Worley.

  • Secrets of a Successful Cinematographer
  • Beamshare: Collaborative Media Share and Review
  • Creating Viral Videos that Work!

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Guests this Week

Mark August
Mark August, President, Society of Camera Operators
Mark August was a combat photographer. Now, he’s the President of the Society of Camera Operators (SOC). He joins us in-studio this week to share his tips on what it takes to be a successful cinematographer. (And we’ll probably work in some stories on how to stay alive as a combat photographer.)
Iain Richardson
Iain Richardson, CEO, Beamshare
Iain Richardson is the CEO of Beamshare. This is a web platform for sharing and review of media files between disparate team members. We invited Iain to tell us more about it and what makes it better than the competition.
Seth Worley
Seth Worley, Filmmaker, Red Giant
Seth Worley is the resident filmmaker at Red Giant, with several viral videos under his belt. This week, we talk with him about how he goes about making his short films and what it takes to make a video go viral.
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