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Digital Production Buzz – May 7, 2015

  • An Update on Editing in the Big Apple
  • DVDs on Demand
  • Deconstructing a Scene Helps Improve Editing

GUESTS: Josh Apter, Bruce Nazarian, and Garret Savage

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Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton as he talks with:

Josh Apter, Founder & President, Manhattan Edit Workshop

Josh Apter is the founder and president of the Manhattan Edit Workshop, a training company in New York City. He joins us this week with an update on the editing scene in New York City as well as his plans for the upcoming “Sight, Sound and Story workshop.

Bruce Nazarian, CEO, Digital Media Consulting Group, Inc.

DVDs continue to be a vibrant way to deliver media to the home. How do the major studios handle their DVD sales? Bruce Nazarian, CEO of the Digital Media Consulting Group, returns after a long absence to enlighten us what’s happening in optical media.

Garret Savage, Editor & President, Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship

Garret Savage is an editor and president of the Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship. He is also moderating a panel at MEWshop’s upcoming NYC-based “Sight, Sound & Story” conference. This week, Garrett shares his thoughts on how deconstructing a scene can improve your editing.

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