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Digital Production Buzz – June 4, 2015

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton as they talk with Eddie Robison, James Cullen Bressack, and Louis Kravitz.

  • Creating Visual Effects for NBC’s Grimm
  • Bloody Horror! What’s the Workflow?
  • Creating Stunning Still Images

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Guests this Week

Eddie Robison
Eddie Robison, VFX Supervisor, Inhance Digital
Starting in 1996, Eddie Robison has created visual effects for over 40 different TV shows including “Star Trek Enterprise,” “X-Files,” “NCIS,” “CSI Miami” and “Grimm.” He’s been nominated for a VES Award and an Emmy Award. We talk with him tonight about creating visual effects for Grimm.
James Cullen Bressack
James Cullen Bressack, Writer/Director, Pernicious
One of the most popular creators of modern-day horror films, James Cullen Bressack – whose previous credits include “Jennifer”, “Hate Crime” and “13/13/13” – directs the June release of “Pernicious.” Shot and set in Thailand, “Pernicious” is a bloody, no holds-barred horror film that marks James’s first theatrical release. Tonight, he talks about how he scares an audience to death.
Louis Kravitz
Louis Kravitz, Still Photographer
Prior to becoming a still photographer, Louis Kravitz worked for 45 years as an actuary, founding the still successful Kravitz, Inc., headquartered in Los Angeles. We caught up to him at the Coffee Fix in Studio City where he is exhibiting a fascinating series entitled, “Kolkata Morning.” Tonight we talk with him about how he creates the stunning still images that have become his trademark.
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