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Digital Production Buzz – July 9, 2015

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton as they talk with Scott Hosfeld, Jonny Videl, and Steve Leon.

  • Music Composing for Film & TV
  • Online Digital Call Sheets
  • Discover the Power of Media Events

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Guests this Week

Scott Hosfeld
Scott Hosfeld, Music Supervisor/Editor/Conductor, Malibu Coast Chamber Orchestra
Scott Hosfeld is the Conductor and Music Director of the award-winning Malibu Coast Chamber Orchestra. He also works with producers, and directors creating music for major motion pictures, independent films, television and video gaming. He joins us this week to share his thoughts on composing music for film and TV.
Jonny Videl
Jonny Videl, Founder & CEO, Callsheet Operator
Printed Call Sheets would be a thing of the past if Jonny Videl, Founder & CEO of Callsheet Operator has his way! They have invented a brand new web-based app providing Call Sheets specifically designed for filmmakers.
Steve Leon
Steve Leon, Partner, Showstoppers
Steve Leon is a Partner at Showstoppers, a global leader in producing press and business events. They produce media-only special events at CES, Mobile World Congress, NAB, CE Week, CTIA and many other venues. We thought this would be a great time for Steve to explain how to get press coverage for your projects.
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