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Transcript: Digital Production Buzz – July 30, 2015

Digital Production Buzz

July 30, 2015

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Larry Jordan


Andy Maisner, President, TV Show Gear

Tim Bajarin, President, Creative Strategies, Inc.

Paul Saccone, Senior Director, Marketing, Blackmagic Design

Pilar Alessandra, Script Consultant & Author, On the Page


Larry Jordan: Tonight on The Buzz, we start with Andy Maisner, the President of TV Pro Gear. His company builds TV stations and production facilities. He joins us here in studio to talk about the impact 4K images are having on live production.

Larry Jordan: Next, Tim Bajarin is a highly respected industry analyst and the President of Creative Strategies. We talk with him about how wearables and mobile devices are changing how we work and play.

Larry Jordan: Finally, Pilar Alessandra is a script consultant and the author of The Coffee Break Screenwriter. She joins us in studio to talk about how to create a successful and sellable script.

Larry Jordan: Plus Paul Saccone of Blackmagic Design joins us for Tech Talk and, as always, we have a Buzz flashback. The Buzz starts now.

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Larry Jordan: And welcome to The Digital Production Buzz, the world’s longest running podcast for creative content producers covering media production, post production, marketing and distribution around the world. My name is Larry Jordan. Our co-host, Mike Horton, has the night off.

Larry Jordan: Let’s see. We’ve got a variety of news this evening and the big news in post production this week is the release of the public beta of DaVinci Resolve 12 from Blackmagic Design. As you’ll learn later in this program from Paul Saccone, this software is targeted directly at Final Cut, Premiere and Media Composer. While it’s too early to determine the impact this new version will have on our industry, the fact that it is free means that it will get a lot of people looking at it.

Larry Jordan: Accusys is a storage company that makes a variety of high speed RAIDs and this week their 8 bay Thunderbolt 2 RAID tower was certified by Blackmagic Design to work with Resolve for 4K images. FX Factory announced a new plug-in called 9 Slice. This provides powerful scaling to resize picture frames, banners and other graphics while preserving corners and edges. It’s compatible with Final Cut, Premiere, After Effects and Motion.

Larry Jordan: Also this week, the Supermeet team announced that Walter Murch will headline the Amsterdam Supermeet coming up at the IBC event in Amsterdam on September 13th.

Larry Jordan: By the way, we’ve been making lots of changes to The Buzz website this summer. One of our latest is redesigning our interview pages. We’ve made these archives easier to search, easier to view and now include both the audio and video interviews on the same page. Visit and check out the latest view.

Larry Jordan: I’ll be back with Andy Maisner right after this.

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